The Coming of the Lord 3: Until I make your enemies your footstool

This passage is found in Psalm 110:1, and corrects if you will our modern eschatology. We often equate the Coming of the Lord as a reaction to the Beast, False Prophet and Antichrist, but it is not. His coming is the enemies being made a footstool, and that under His feet they are, subject and bound. The position He holds is at the Right Hand of the Father. If we desire to understand His Coming, we must hold onto the key word “UNTIL” because it is that word that is the key to our end times vision. The Holy Spirit desires to correct it. Not only correct it, but define what is in the subsequent time in which we arrive at “UNTIL“. Is Jesus not present or without authority in this time? What is happening at the Right Hand, where Jesus has been since 2000 years ago? We must discern and decipher these things, because as we understand it we come into a flow which we position ourselves to fulfil the plan to subdue the enemy so that when He comes the enemies are all bound and subject!!!

1st “UNTIL” event Ephesians 4: He gave gifts to men!

In the Ascension, His Glorification He throws down to men His Gifts…His Kingly gifts, His Priestly Gifts, His Prophetic Gifts so that the subduing of the enemy can begin to progress.
Here the 3 streams of the Messiah meet: His Kingly, Priestly and Prophetic Ministries activate through His Covenant People!

Jesus gave His 3 Streams of divine activity through the five ministry gifts in Ephesians 4:11-15, in each ministry gift must flow these 3 streams. They are KINGLY, PRIESTLY and PROPHETIC. They are Kingly because they exercise an authority, conferred by Jesus Himself to subdue the enemy in each sphere. Let us examine each and identify the enemies:

  1. Apostle: enemy is anarchy, disorder and rebellion.
  2. Prophet: Hardened heart, stubborness
  3. Evangelist: Lawlessness, oppression, possession.
  4. Pastor: Immaturity, not teachable.
  5. Teacher: Ignorance, demonic knowledge, earthly wisdom.

The enemy has attacked the unity of the Church, so that these 5 cannot flow together. Through tradition and earthly wisdom so the ministries of these 5 have been restricted to 1, pastoral leadership. In this way the order of the apostle, the hearing of the prophet, the deliverance of the evangelist, the discipleship of the pastor, the Word of the teacher cannot flow together. This way the fulness of Christ is prevented from manifesting in the midst of God’s people. In this season Jesus is about to subdue and subject these enemies to this fulness of ministry, so that the Coming of Jesus is the extension of the fulness that arises in the midst of God’s Church. Where authority is manifest, so power is seen. I am coming to learn the relationships of how God does what He does.

2nd “UNTIL” the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all flesh

The purpose being that the Law is written upon the hearts made flesh by the Word

Joel 2 speaks to a generation of restoration on many levels. In this pandemic we saw elements of this begin to manifest in God’s people, however the generations, and 2 of them are included in this passage. The generations, 2 of them, complement each other in this Outpouring. In the outpouring the word of young people shall be about God and His Christ, in contrast to what is being spoken by the younger generation right now. God is about to fill the young people with the vision of the bright future He has reserved for them. “No eye has seen and no ear has heard for what is reserved for those who love Him”. 1 Corinthians 2:9. What we focus on in this verse are the things which are reserved, but it is not, what is the most important is what the Holy Spirit kindles in the hearts of His People is an intense love for God. From this point older generations dream and rest in the eternal vision spoken by the younger, and God will cause wonders in creation as 2 generations are immersed in the plan of God. No-one in this shall be excluded as the earth is saturated with the Holy Spirit, preparing the way for the confrontation that comes with the ‘Day of the Lord”. The Holy Spirit prepares a Elijah generation according to Malachi 4, which prepares the way for the “Day of the Lord”. What my vision says to me from all these Scriptures taken in their context is that when we are preparing for His Coming, we see a victorious Church empowered, authoritative and immersed with love for God. The Holy Spirit prepares us all for Him. Does not work to His own agenda…but prepares the way for Christ. For this reason John the Apostle writes in the 22nd chapter of Revelation: “The Spirit and the Bride say COME!” This unity of this cry for the Lord is what brings His Person.

3rd “UNTIL”the revelation of Jesus, the spirit of prophecy is abroad

The testimony of Jesus is the bedrock of the Church and is by which she is built and by which she overcomes

The angel tells John in Revelation 19, that the testimony/revelation of Jesus which reaches fulness in Chapter 11 through the 2 witnesses is what also must mature within the Church and God’s covenant people. When you see in Luke 2 surrounding both the births of John the Baptist, and Jesus, we see prophetic voices, like Mary, Elizabeth, Zacarias, Simeon and Anna. These bring the Holy Spirit directly on the scene, lifting them way above their own time, to a distant time that not even Isaiah got to prophesy. They see the inclusion of Gentile believers in this eternal work. Zacarias not only sees the spirit of Elijah in his own son, but a future generation, preparing not only Christ’s first coming ,but also the same spirit would come again to prepare Christ’s eternal reign in Creation. Simeon would prophesy to Mary and Joseph what Jesus would represent in the short and long term. Elizabeth would refer to Mary as “mother of My Lord.” She is also projecting to the full manifestation of Jesus as Lord and King, subduing the enemies of God and making them a resting place for His feet. It is the experience that when we are speaking what the Spirit moves us to speak and proclaim we are preparing a space for Him to be birthed, for in the time of these I have mentioned they prepared the way for the Consolation of Israel. Now we need the Consolation of the Church and God’s covenant People. So what the Spirit of God will move us to proclaim is not crisis that is coming, for the crisis are the birth pangs for the Coming of Christ. Our vision is lifted, taken out of our context, and we are placed like John so that we see His Coming as part of a eternal panorama, planned from the beginning. This plan has no mistake, no missed timing, it is exact and precise. The spirit of prophecy upon the final generations testify of a Christ that is coming, a King and Judge of all the Earth.

4th “UNTIL” the Wife who makes herself ready

The Covenant people are the guiding principle to the timing of the end time Coming of Christ, for which He does not come just to judge but to be wed to His Church
The Culmination of His Coming is the Eternal Union

We equate His Coming being the judging and condemning, but when He has made a finish of subduing His enemies He will unite with His Bride. The Bride must be ready, and it is this readying that makes the “UNTIL” of the Father key. We must exhort and teach God’s Body not the negative aspects of end time study, rather it is about God’s people being made ready for Him. It is not about holding authority, roles, but it is about the coming together of God’s covenant people in total union with Him. This process is happening now, we just need to be awakened to it.

Concluding words

What a glorious vision is this one word “UNTIL”, and when we truly unpack it Biblically we get a different vision of end times than we have traditionally been taught. We will see the signs from the fact that things are getting better for us and not worse, because what is shaken will reveal that what remains will be eternal. May our love, faith and hope be the things which will remain with us in this process!

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