Jubilee; 2 trumpets that sound in the appointed season

Just a pause in the series work for something different

8 And if the bugle gives an indistinct sound, who will get ready for battle?
1 Corinthians 14:8 ESV

Last August I managed to buy a series from Al Houghton at Word at Word Inc., http://wordatwork.org called Prepared for battle when I learned about the Jubilee. What I understood is that Jubilee represents not a trumpet blast from the people of God. There are “trumpet blasts” in the people of God today like praise and worship and intercession where we raise a cry and a call for God. In Jubilee God sounds the two silver Celestial trumpets over us.

When the two trumpets sound from God you know a new season and a new victory of that battle manifests

The Jubilee represents a complete defeat for the enemy of God’s people and a deliverance in many levels. JUBILEE is a time when rest is experienced by God’s people in the season appointed by God. He not only appoints that season He is the one that sounds it into being.

When debt and impossibility in the financial realm is a daily chore God sounds a appointed season to cancel debts and start a clean slate. This does not mean we abuse the season by one accruing more debt by earthly acquisition but also not making a doctrine out of what is a personal season to a determined person.

There is a determined season of rest where God wants to fill the freedom of peace and not war, freedom of provisions not debt, freedom of relationship not tough work routine. For Israel they enjoyed this every 50 years in their generations. They did not sow in the land but God made sure the harvest was there. So God gave each generation a one time experience in Jubilee.

Nothing like for me personally than have Jubilee with God with taking coffee together and conversing over what delights Him!

The image and caption above is not detracting from the reverence and respect we must have for God but there comes a time when we cannot be like the older brother in the Prodigal Son parable who thought service pleased the father but the father valued more the company and delight of the sons in his fatherhood. How much more God!

This message more than a theological approach to Jubilee is more a word to be attentive to the one in a lifetime sound of Jubilee in your Christian walk. Take the opportunity to talk and walk in that year of enjoying the Father and knowing that in that year He is not looking simply for service but He guarantees rest, release and relationship that comes in that year called Jubilee.

All this message is based upon Leviticus 25 and Leviticus 29. The principles of Jubilee being transported in Christ, through Hebrews 3 and 4 which exhorts us to enter God’s rest.

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