Root and Offspring of David; David the forerunner

I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.
Revelation 22:16 KJV

It has been a while since I have posted due to several retreats I went to do. In those God has an established agenda, preparing us in the present season and preparing us for the next.

This theme is not an easy one being that when I write I have to know what the objective is and how to reach it.

David is a central figure between Jesus being the root and Him being the Offspring. David is placed there as an example. We need to understand the significance of what David means to us today.

The difference means that once we perceive this issue that God presents to us will alter our relating to Jesus, as He is now, and how we position ourselves in walking out our calling.

David, is one of 3 men in Scripture who as a King flowed in 3 offices, or 3 streams of godly ministration. God made David Prophet, Priest and King. He could flow between the 3 of them due to his following God’s heart completely. Through David we see the full manifestation of the Kingdom of God in the Old Testament. It is a type and shadow of the Kingdom we see in the New. David shows us that he is anointed and brought into a Kingly stream covenantally. This means that God gave him a special platform to exercise God’s kingly authority on the earth.

When we consider what that meant for the reign of David, it was constant warfare so that Solomon would have peace to establish the Temple.

Jesus is our David, who has warred for us and created the space for us to establish Gods house on the earth through the Kingly authority He brings us into. The Blood of David flows through the Blood of Christ as His Spiritual offspring by the Spirit, so that we too can come into that 3 stream flow throughout our lives as Kings and Priests unto our God. In this way in each Generation we need to see established a Temple and a Throne here in the earth. Therefore, for this Throne to be established here we need to access the Sure Mercies of David. Isaiah 55 promises to those who pursue God with intelligence and passion will access this special covenant.

We all went through the revelation of our warfare through much which was taught in the years when much was taught in conferences and seminars.

We were taught hands on warfare without understanding at that time the extent by which Jesus had gained through His Salvation mission. Our warfare is 3 fold, it is the devil, the world, and our own flesh.

God shows us how to deal with our flesh in Romans 12:1-3, where we need to be a living sacrifice unto God.

Our warfare can be particularly seen through David’s eyes in Psalm 18, where he goes from a position of crying out to God for deliverance to pursuing the enemy.

It has taken a long time for me to write this message because in my consideration and extensive prayerful study I just could not perceive yet why David is so important when we are treating Jesus as both root and offspring. One day as I leaned out of the kitchen barn door, to call in our cat, the Lord made it plain to me;

David is significant because he is the shadow of the Throne I want to build on the earth in the saints and in the Church.”

The Lord is coming but first the fulness of His Throne must be ready for Him to come and sit.

I remember in 1986 when I had committed my life to following Christ fully I sang this song regularly in our Church, Jesus we Enthrone You. In it there is a line which says; Through our worship build your throne. Never forget it.

For a Throne to be built we need to submit to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords so that His Kingly Authority can flow.

James 4 shows us this, as we are exhorted to submit under the kratos (mighty) hand of God. This kratos dimension is the ultimate level of power of God manifest bringing His Dominion to bear. For us to submit to that kind of authority qualifies us to flow in it.

Therefore until we move into that kind of process the Throne cannot be built. If the Throne is not built then He cannot come to our generation in whatever form He wishes.

Mary in her Magnificat speaks about the manifestation of kratos when she speaks of what God conferred to her as the Theokotos, being the “God bearer” in her womb so her “estate” in her submission to this risky process, being a Virgin, conceiving out of legal relationships, and submitting to not only birth but the nurture of the Son of God. Mary is connected to this kingly kratos because she submitted to its implications in her own confession to the Angel Gabriel “May it be according to your will. ” Such submission to the Most High warrants our consideration.

So what will it take the Church to embrace the Kingly kratos? It will take a purification of our motivations and our morality. It will take our submission to the kratos that is manifest to us, and in us, so that it may manifest through us.

For the Church to minister to the world in the priestly dimension we must first see established both Temple and Throne. If you see the process in 2 Chronicles 1-7 you see how God established first the Throne then the Temple.

It is therefore imperative we understand how David is a forerunner. And as Jesus is the Root so He can be our Root also, so that in it our offspring through our submission will reflect the characteristics of both Kingdom and Character of Jesus the King.

Only this way will the Church win its warfare over sin and the devil. The ideologies can only be broken as the Church embraces its true calling through the shadow of David.


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