The Root and Offspring of David; How long will you mourn for Saul?

And the Lord said unto Samuel, How long wilt thou mourn for Saul, seeing I have rejected him from reigning over Israel? fill thine horn with oil, and go, I will send thee to Jesse the Beth–lehemite: for I have provided me a king among his sons.
1 Samuel 16:1 KJV

To get the full manifestation of what this series points to; the Root and Offspring of David, and all what that entails we need to understand that before David is fully manifest we must see God enlighten why Saul exists, why he is the position he is in. What are the implications of Saul in our generation?

We need to contrast the Root and Offspring of David with the root and Offspring of Saul. We then get a full contextual view of how this can be applied today.

Saul was God’s response to the cry of the people, hence the root not being God’s choice being birthed, but the insistence of human desire. What was the main offspring of that? Disobedience to the judicial tests of God. That is that Saul did not understand how it is imperative to understand that we must execute God’s judgments through the Kingly stream of God’s offices.

This failure to understand that obedience as a foundation to entering into levels of God’s call in our lives brings us into the “rejection” of God’s purpose in our lives.

For some the “rejection” of God is a difficult state to contemplate or accept. However how many go around in circles having the extent of Call but never enter in.

Jesus said; “Many are called but few are chosen.” So we ascertain from this that God calls us, does not guarantee that we move from calling to choosing . And for Saul he was rejected because the way to the choosing was placed strategic tests which he failed.

He failed the respect for office and respect for other roles. We have to back up to chapter 13 of 1 Samuel. Here Saul is commanded to wait for Samuel to offer the sacrifice, yet Samuel delayed, whether this was deliberate or divinely orchestrated we do not know for certain.

Saul saw that the people were impatient and because he was insecure he went ahead and disobeyed, offering the sacrifice, his own words were “I forced myself therefore…” because he feared both his own people, and feared the enemy who were just nearby.

V14 tells us a profile who God was seeking out, a man after His own heart.

Every test God placed before Saul for the Kingly office was failed. He was anointed but had no intimacy or knowledge of God’s character and ways.

It culminated in Saul not executing God’s judgment on Amalek. He spared what God wanted dead, and killed off what God wanted spared.

The result of the rejection of God was the mourning heart of Samuel. We read in 1 Samuel 16, the command of God beginning with a question. How long will you mourn for that which I have rejected?

I wanted to know the depths of the grief of Samuel. The Hebrew tells us that the grief was at the level of being a bereavement.

I believe that what this speaks to, is a leadership generation today. There is a necessity for prophetic grief. However God calls time because that grief will turn into going to seek out the man to whom God had chosen. He was of the line of Judah to whom Jacob prophesied the Kingly to. Genesis 49 shows us.

There is a time when the “rejection” of God will be revealed to the prophetic, to whom fails the God ordained tests for the offices of God. And those tests form part of the preparation. There are leaders today who are failing those tests.

The prophetic must mourn those who fail the tests, and those who God rejects in lieu of those who will come forth. It is mourning a spiritual death.

Today we have this offspring of Saul within the Church. We have the Offspring of disobedience to all that which not only is personal obedience to a prophetic plan, but leaders in their disobedience lead others away.

There will come a day when the mourning will not suffice, in that God will rapidly move on. He will move in His prophetic people to fill their horn with oil. The Lord will come upon those who will seek Him in the dark death hours. Yet when the command to fill up the horn with oil, we know God’s new leaders are coming forth. We know God is again on the move.

The place Samuel is sent is prophetic of the birthing of another King. Jesus. So where David resides is a shadow of another King after the order of David.

God told Samuel to take a heifer as a sacrifice, so that in the purpose of the altar so God’s choosing would be revealed.

The warfare today in the rejecting of Saul and the anointing of David is the altar. So in the rejecting of one comes the anointing of another. And in the altar we come into a covenant place in God to see revealed what God is about to correct.

Today many who confess to be believers cry out too soon for what God will take time to bring forth. We have put emphasis on gifts, talents and positions to whom has no knowledge of God nor are instructed in the counsels of God. Isaiah 11 tells us about the 7 fires, 7 fruits of the Spirit that operated in David. We get an insight to the reason why God takes so long to bring forth His kings. His prophets. His priests. He has to work these 7 baptisms of the Holy Spirit into David.

So in the transition of 1 Samuel 16; 13, we see the Spirit of the Lord come to David to work in the things God needs to implant the Kingdom .

In verse 14 we see the first sign of Saul’s removal. The Spirit departs and Ichabod comes in. He becomes demon possessed, however what the Bible is unclear whether the spirit that came was malignant or from God a sense of his displeasure.

If Saul had any integrity he should have cast his crown. However he determined to occupy the position without having divine approval. And against the backdrop of a crisis of vocation, of integrity in the so called ministry today you wonder how many have just transitioned into the Spirit having departed are now exercising priesthood in a state of torment.

The second thing that immediately happens in verse 15 is that all who serve with Saul perceive a change. How many perceive the changes when today so many are abused in so many levels?

How many so called ministers have fallen into scandal and addiction? Is that not God’s rejection of a system called ministry?

Is not the ministry we see today not falling into the error of Balaam who ministered for the downfall of God’s people in the pursuit of greed?

God is bringing in His David. This David will bring in a line who will produce the Root and Offspring, namely Jesus.

Let our mourning for what is dying lead us to fill our horn and seek out David.


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