Christmas Unwrapped: Two different virgins, two different ages


Today the Lord moved on me to speak of two women, with a common situation, yet with different ages. One was the wife of a Priest, from the Temple, the other a young woman from humble roots. They both had wombs that never bore a child. Elizabeth was however cousin of the young woman, Mary, yet both shared a happy occasion. The angel Gabriel visited Mary and made a point of referring the pregnancy of Elizabeth to her. Maybe the Angel is pointing out a hidden meaning for us all to understand.

Christmas is about birthing what was conceived by the Holy Spirit. One conceived was a forerunner of the fullness to come. Christmas is a small light in the darkness. A light of hope, from something small, from Someone small, who is the Son of God. And for these births there were signs from heaven, and invited were the common people to presence the birth of the Saviour.

Mary was a virgin womb, that never bore before, yet the firstborn was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, the power of the Most High. For John the Holy Spirit filled him from conception. So Christmas is where we invite the Holy Spirit to bring to conception the things of God.


So Christmas is also about fullness, in that the Holy Spirit personally inspires what the Father respires into that which is being brought to birth.

What is being brought to birth in the Christmas story is prophesied hundreds of years before. The prophet Isaiah in chapter 9 has a singular revelation of a specific mother giving birth in her virginity. The identity of the Son is also singular. He is called the Counsellor, Mighty God. Eternal Father, and the Government will be on His Shoulders. So what is being always planned by the Father is prophesied through the prophets in ages past. John the Baptist is coming in the spirit of Elijah, by the mouth of Malachi.

So Elizabeth is a old dead womb, brought back to life, which is always the role of the prophetic. My foundation for this is the clear vision in Ezekiel 37.

We see how the prophetic brings the dead to life.

So as we enter into this Christmas time, may we receive first, remember the prophetic words spoken to us, over us, and receive their life giving ressurection of many dreams. The Lord must come first to lift us up, before He comes personally to us, to bring us into fullness.

Very often in our Christmas, we are empty, or frustrated, or we are seeing relationships fractured, to former arguments and discords. The Lord wants to transmit in the Christmas message that He will send His Message, His Messenger, before He comes to us.

God wants to make our “dead womb” back to life, and to bear. He also wants to plant His Seed in those who never bore, who never knew or experienced anything spiritual before.

Our lives are wombs, that must either be brought back to life, or produce the Son of God. The message of Christmas is restoration of mankind, not the worldly feast, with personalities that never entered the Biblical narrative, or the customs which have no Biblical foundation.

May we unwrap, in the personalities of the Christmas story in the Bible, that in each we take a beautiful idyllic truth, that spans over these 2000 years.

May our bones of dead dreams, broken families, communities, come to life as God awakes us to His promises, because He will send Jesus to bring us into His Kingdom. For that to happen the Spirit must birth in us, bringing the Power of the Most High over us, bringing us close to His Purpose and His heart.


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