Projects for the next season

Even though we are going into a new year, I am convicted that God does not place the same value as we do. However God works in seasons. These “kairos” seasons of God come and go. There is a new season beginning. Schools and Seminars These are reflective of the site where the messages are part of a greater plan. To transmit these in seminars with opportunity to deepen understanding and meet with God receiving impartation. Please write to me concerning your interest. Prophetic Manual This is still being written. It will be a fundamental foundation to our teaching and … Continue reading Projects for the next season

Christmas Unwrapped: birthing Jesus in confusing times

The emerging picture We continue our series of Christmas when broadcast media are now giving their retrospective view of 2018 we see not only an emerging picture of what is becoming evident for 2019, but that the uncertainty and fear that comes with it, works against the financial system. Societies feel injustice, and poverty abounds. I do not believe we live so far away from the reality of Jesus’ birth. Indeed what we see is a land under a iron grip of occupation. When we consider today the mindset of Palestinians against the formation of Israel in 1948, we see … Continue reading Christmas Unwrapped: birthing Jesus in confusing times