Unwrapping Christmas:With Christ, or convention


Joseph heard Mary tell him of the angelic visitation, and the conception of the Messiah. By the convention, a betrothed wife would be shameful to be found with child. Yet Joseph had to be instructed by the angel that that which was conceived was of the Holy Spirit.

Joseph had a choice, to go with the convention of the thinking of the day, or side with the work God was birthing in Mary. This work of the Holy Spirit was about to change the world.

If we think the thinking of Joseph’s day was hard then, what about the modernisms of today? How many of us for siding with the birthing of Christ in our midst lose family or friends? How many of us are labelled right wing bigots?

To steer our eyes away, towards the star of heaven, shining ever brighter by the day, we begin to behold in the silence of something happening in the silence of our spirit. Jesus is being conceived in us, growing by the Holy Spirit. We can never be friends with the world and with things of God.

We know that Joseph protected Mary, and a glorious birthing with myriads of angels, singing Holy…holy…announced the birth of the Saviour. He took her to safety when Herod threatened to kill all the babies males aged 2 and under.

Coming into meditating in this story, we know that embracing Christ in our generation will mean we will need to pay a price.

That price is the salvation and bringing of multitudes of sons to the eternal city!

Meditate this Christmas what it will mean to follow the birthing of Christ in us, hope of glory, will mean.

Feedback welcome.


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