Join “Novena” for 9 days of prayer from 11th May to 20th May (Pentecost Sunday) for UK

Justin Welby Archbishop of Canterbury has organised an interdenominational prayer effort for the revival of faith for the UK. It falls exactly between Ascension Day and Pentecost. Already several churches have joined the effort.

However the main theme; “Thy Kingdom Come” and praying for a new Pentecost cannot be confused. Pentecost is for the believer to be revived by the renewing of the Holy Spirit. The result of souls being saved is as a result of the witness of those same believers.

I am personally involved in this initiative as I believe it will affect the atmosphere of this nation I live in; the UK.

Anyone who refuses to be involved with this initiative is probably seeing this as a Church of England born initiative. I believe the Archbishop has reached out over the Churches with a vision I believe to be of God. We need to see that denominational initiatives must give way to the defence of Christian values and expression in a nation which God has used in many revivals.

So join the initiative today to pray for revival in the UK.


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