Embassy moves; political? No. Spiritual? Yes

The current moves by nations relocating their diplomatic missions is this; Malachi 4 speaks of the spirit of Elijah reconciling the sons of faith to the father’s of faith who is Israel in its spiritual sense. From the Lord, no subscribing to politics in this matter. Each nation who relocates will experience the Spirit of Elijah in each nation bringing revival and refreshing at every level. This Word in Malachi is also literally applied in the view of divided families and the need for reconciling. I used here a prophetic application concerning spiritual sons and daughter. This post has been … Continue reading Embassy moves; political? No. Spiritual? Yes

Word for Great Britain; by Robert Joy

I do not normally publish from other sources but this word by Robert Joy resonates with me. Pray and intercede. Word for Great Britain and Beyond – The Winds of Revival From Robert Joy 6 May 18: Recently, when praying, I had a clear vision for the nation of Great Britain and beyond. It was panoramic, a crystal clear vision. I’ve had lots of dreams and visions but there have been few that put so much attention on the need for an immediate response. In the vision, I was standing as if in the sea looking towards the white cliffs … Continue reading Word for Great Britain; by Robert Joy