Update: personal 

My silence is strategic in God because I am trying to listen to what He is wanting to communicate. I started this blog/website with the motivation of communicating what God speaks through His Word, through history, through Church events. 

I have been on a deeper spiritual journey since February. This journey I see is reflected in my Word-view that when I look at the Bible I can discern through the text. This journey has not been easy because I have my eyes opened to realities which I was totally ignorant. 

The walk with the Lord is self denial and crucifixion. Many situations happen to us and as we live in an imperfect world with the Church divided and weak in places, where Christians are being martyred in the middle East, where false teachers abound , where tradition kills the move of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes when we see things that challenge our view of Church to what we see in the Bible, we must take time to process and get balance.  It is not easy sometimes to write messages full of faith and vision and insight. 

Families are undergoing pressures in many areas, where the world attempts to mould mindset through media along many spheres. Financial restriction in the western part of the world. Health struggles, school issues, work pressures. 

Lifestyles which have been described in the Bible are now being accepted when the Bible expressedly shows God’s displeasure. People are now rejecting the faith so that they can live freely as they see fit without discerning what this is doing to society and the world as a whole. 

Passions are running wild and even in the Church scandals are rife. Why? Because the spirit of this age is entering the believers and the Ecclesia. 

With all this sometimes silence means we are situation ourselves and positioning ourselves to communicate objectively.

This site must, I repeat must, avoid being political, dogmatic, opinionated. The moment we enter the political or dogmatic Arena, you can predict that the site will decline and will lack the inspiration and vision which has characterised the last few years. 

Therefore when political and dogmatic issues are sometimes my struggle I wait to gain objectivity and a clearance in my spirit to be able to receive insight into Biblical truth.

World issues cannot be resolved through arguments or engaging world lobbies. They must be discerned through the Inspired text of His Word. Once we reduce the Word to a political level, we become fundamentalist and object of political attack. Our warfare is not on this level.

So silence is sometimes explained this way as I have here. 

My sense and my prayer is that God is about to birth a new series of messages very soon. I could write regularly but I really want to prepare a Word banquet. This requires inspiration, enrichment , investment. 

Therefore I have something to ask you. Would you pray for me to receive riches of His Word. God has His Timing to share. 

I really appreciate the feedback you send me. Would really appreciate it right now! 

My life is aspiring to Hear Him. This site reflects that. And I sense you are a people who also aspire the same. Therefore let us pray.


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