The HARBINGER of Change Part 1; Introduction

Change… no-one disputes that changes are constant. The dispute is how those changes occur. This series is to examine how change occurs from a Biblical perspective. Revelation 22 says “Behold I make all things new”.  That is a cataclysmic shift in which the earth as we know it is replaced with something completely new.  Some of what I will share in this series is examine the greatest changes in Scripture bringing contemporary examples that can mirror what we see in current events. The Fallacy of Chaos  There is sometimes confusion as to what we define as being chaos; confusion. I … Continue reading The HARBINGER of Change Part 1; Introduction

All about Giving 

Many of you were enquiring about Giving to this ministry. Yes this ministry first depends on God for keeping it sustained. Our trust is not in man because the human heart is unstable in all its ways. Second by giving to this ministry you are not investing in people but the vision and exercise of the ministry that God placed in them. If you have been blessed by the messages then consider either sending a gift , or make a regular commitment to give monthly. The benefits are that you are edified by what we transmit, and God will bless … Continue reading All about Giving