Prophetic Message To the Nations: Zechariah 3

I saw Joshua the High Priest before the angel of the Lord and I also saw Satan at his right hand to resist him. And the Lord said to Satan , the Lord rebuke you. 

The Lord is speaking to His Priests, those who daily go to Him in realms of Glory. You have stood before the Lord but you have known a season when Satan has resisted you.  The Lord says this day i shall rebuke him on your behalf. 

Has not God chosen Jerusalem as a brand taken out of the fire?

The rebuke on Satan is a rebuke of positioning because you have been tried in the fire. You are Jerusalem here in this scripture. Today you are fetched out of your fire. Today you shall cool off. Because in the fire you have been moulded and shaped. Today He Himself shall pluck you out!!!

Now Joshua was clothed with filthy garments and stood before the angel. And He answered unto those who stood by to take away the filthy garments from him. 

Your ministry and your priesthood has in the season of trial and fire has become filthy and God today commands the angels in the celestial realms to now undress you and take away those filthy garments.  They are old mindsets which have no place in the new thing God is about to do.

I have caused your iniquity to pass from you and will clothe you in new clothes

God today will take away that which has weakened you, taken away your effectiveness. He will clothe you with new hope, new way of thinking, new faith and expectation and a new joy.

If you walk in my statutes and ordinances I will cause you to walk amongst those who stand by

God is calling you to see His Statutes because your walk is not with men only but with angels and the cherubs and seraphims that cry holy, holy, is the Lord.

This new priesthood will be instrumental in bringing back the favour and Glory back to His People. God says it is the season. A season of change. A season of rebuking your enemy Who has resisted you. You shall be clothed anew. Your season of fire is over. Your season of hardness comes to an end. Your new clothes arrive for the angels to put on you. You shall have new dignity.

One thought on “Prophetic Message To the Nations: Zechariah 3

  1. Amen, for all who will humble themselves to allow fire to purge them. His glory will be made manifest through them as they are clothed in newness of life.

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