5th Gospel part 4: Has made us Kings and Priests part A. The Danger of Kingship without Priesthood

And has made us Kings and Priests unto our God” Revelation 1:6




This scripture is very powerful if we could apply it in a way God wants us to apply this. I could labour this post but I sense I should be succinct to the point.

The Lord is wanting people to be priestly BEFORE they move into their Kingly function. The Kingly function must be TEMPERED by the Priestly, because it is not just about wielding authority which can wound and destroy, but as a Priest, receiving from the Glory of God, from the Holy Place, you can wield with wisdom, just the right measure in each situation. 

The fact is if we function in the Kingly, or try to, without the priestly authority and ministry operating we are simply LORDING IT OVER, BEING A DICTATOR, and no blessing from Heaven will confirm that kingly attitude.

The priest knows the price to acquire God’s covenant. So if we know the price of a soul, surely we will know how to treat God’s saints.

The implications of this, is structural, in that ministers will not CENTRE ministry in themselves, and MEMBERS will respect authority. The structure and type of worship God wants will be reflected by the manifestation of true priesthood.



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