I saw the Lord Part 4 (ISAIAH 6): The train and the hem. 

AND the train of His Robe filled the temple.” Isaiah 6:

We are living in turbulent days. Days we need to see the Lord. The apostles and ministers of the New Testament Church were chosen for the depth of their interaction with Jesus.

The Lord made me turn attention to His “train ” which filled the temple as His Glory was MANIFEST. We have to first find out what the “train” was; and what it’s purpose is, and apply it into our daily lives. 

When I went to look at the Hebrew; compelled by the Lord; I was struck by the fact that this original language opened the “door” of understanding into a place when we see the  Lord we will understand what God is coming to do in US and through us .

The word is “shuwl” which means hem.This is very significant because we see 3 applications of “Hem” in the Scripture. 

  1. Hem of the Priesthood
  2. Hem of the Prophetic 
  3. Hem of the Power

We see the first “Hem” presented to us in Exodus as we see the garment of Aaron and the bells and pomegranates.The priesthood presented here was the lovely intimitent sound in the tabernacle of the bells as he went into the most Holy place. We see the bells as being spiritual giftings.  We see the pomegranates as being spiritual fruit of the Holy Spirit. So they must go together. Very often we get disillusioned by so much bells and no fruit. Paul alludes to it in 1 Corinthians 13; when he speaks of the lack of love being the sound of the bells without the fruit. A noise not permitted in the Glory. The fruit of the pomegranates on the priest’s hem made him equipped and ready to enter into the Holy place. 

The hem safeguarded the priest so that he could enter. 

We see the 2nd Manifestation of this being in the vision of Isaiah. Isaiah was a priest and a prophet. He was fully acquainted by that Holy place. He was fully acquainted with the implications of being dressed right and ready for the occasion. However this vision of the Glory and the Train caused him to be prepared for something outside of that Holy place. The live coal  was given so that the vision of God’s hem would cause him to be prepared not just to exercise a priesthood but exercise a role in a prophetic dimension. The message was to a nation who understood nothing of the ways of God. 

It is set in the reign of Hezekiah who in God’s mercy still let Babylonians into the places only for chosen and sanctified people. 

The message we see is striking as it prepares Isaiah to go into Israel knowing he would not be heard! How many modern day prophets go rejected because of their message. 

Isaiah’s undoing in the vision and His despair opened his heart to glimpse what God’s heart is like when he sees us assume we know. 

The “hem” prepares you in a higher vision to see that even though your message is not always accepted the thing that keeps you going is a spiritual vision. 

The final hem is found in Matthew 9.

And, behold, a woman, which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years, came behind him, and touched the hem of his garment:

Matthew 9:20 KJV

Why did she touch just the hem? Could it be that this action in itself caused her to access in her faith an aspect of priesthood and prophetic outworking of God’s plan? I am certain of it! Her touch of the hem Unlocked her life into impossible horizons.

When you consider how her sickness caused her to be an outcast in society! Just think about that for a moment!

There are many sick and outcast in modern day civilization. And in a day of where there is fighting about refugees so Jesus is manifesting so simply His  Hem to bring them into a place of Glory and redemption. And to spread that experience over their generation. There is coming after the prophetic message a Manifestation of power. Healings and signs will come. It is not wishful thinking.  

The woman had spent all, and now poor and excluded, rejected, Jesus passed by and she went to the place where she heard He was passing! 

Her touch of His Hem drew from Him an expression much more than mere healing!! It brought her into the forefront of His plan in that place. She gained an understanding that the healing she received was also a healing she was meant to spread around wherever they would receive it! 

We hear no more from the woman but what we can surmise that after a decade of suffering she went to Jesus and touched His Hem and accessed His Priesthood and His Prophetic purpose and power for her and her day!!!

How much more for us! We need to go to Him and access!!!


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