Zion Ministry Network

The feedback from these messages has been great and profound. The approach to the Word has to be ever fresh. However in our pursuit for truth and living by it we can become isolated because local churches and leadership’s can become intimidated because leaders are insecure. To meet the need for fellowship we created a network in 2011 online. This network covers the world. Even Brazilians share with us in their language. It is called Zion Ministry Network. Zion because it is where God touches the earth to commune with men and women.  The purpose of the network Provide space … Continue reading Zion Ministry Network

I saw the Lord Part 2: High and Lifted up; the difference. 

” I saw the Lord; High and Lifted up…” Isaiah 6:1. Here the prophet sees the Lord in two different dimensions or aspects.  God is by His Existence High in His power; His Knowledge; His substance; in His Thinking.  Earlier this week; retiring to bed my thoughts wandered until I was perfectly aware that the Lord was conversing with me. He said; “ISAIAH SAW ME HIGH BUT HE ALSO SAW ME LIFTED UP…WHY WOULD I BE LIFTED UP AND WHY? “ Such an interesting concept.  The Lord was already High but He needed to be lifted up…so that His garments … Continue reading I saw the Lord Part 2: High and Lifted up; the difference.