Isaiah 49:8 Part 4 Make you to be a covenant


What a marvellous concept, that God MAKES US INTO A COVENANT. 

We cannot be a covenant until we are IN covenant. 

And before we embrace the desiring covenant, we need to understand what is covenant. And we very often narrow it down to our limited understanding. We must understand the covenant through Hebrew eyes, not through our western eyes. 

We must first go to Genesis 15 to understand. 

God visits Abram…let us examine.

1. God tells Abram His inheritance that He would bestow IN COVENANT. A declaration was given. 

2. Abram tells God that He believes, it is credited as righteousness. 

3. Abram cuts the animals in two and lays them out (a figurative shadow of sacrifices, and the Sacrifice of Jesus).

4. God passes through BETWEEN THE PIECES, with a torch of fire. 

5. God reveals to Abram His Eternal Purposes. 

6. God lays out the covenant meal. They partake and the covenant is sealed. 

7. Abram’s name is changed, according to His Destiny. 



What we see here is mirrored in Christ. Through Christ we are seen DECLARED BY THE FATHER, ETERNAL SALVATION. We must do as Abram did, BELIEVE, and the sacrifice has already been done. God reveals to us the eternal purposes of the Kingdom, and the manifestation of it through the Church. Through our “covenant meal”, the breaking of bread and drinking of wine, we seal covenant with God…our name is changed. 

When you examine Genesis 32, we see that God changes Jacob’s name to Israel. So when God changes he destines us for changes and for eternal posterity. 




So when God promises us that we BECOME covenant, He makes us a COVENANT, we must first have EXCHANGED AGREEMENT with Him who promises, and that same covenant must be manifesting in us. 

I feel that we can lose that ability to receive from God that we had when we were born again. We need to be bold again, daring, so that in our believing we certainly obtain that which we seek. How can we BE COVENANT, if we are NOT ENJOYING covenant? If we are not enjoying the peace and joy that the Word promises? The covenant must be both RELATIONAL AND POSITIONAL, BUT ALSO POSSESSIONAL. That means our covenant BRINGS US CLOSE TO GOD’S HEART, PLACES US AS SONS, AND GIVES US ETERNAL AND NOW PRIVILEGES. 

We see this plainly in the Parable of Lazarus and the rich man…contrasts. 

We see the rich man amass immense wealth here on the earth, but Lazarus a beggar, with nothing, yet having everything in the heavenly. In his riches, the rich man is lost for eternity, but for the beggar he finds eternal life. This is not to say that earthly riches equal a lost eternity, but putting our focus of our life in them is. Lazarus however invested in his relational covenant, and received eternal life. What we see is that we cannot judge the covenant by what we POSSESS, BUT WE JUDGE IT BY WHAT WE REFLECT. The covenant manifest is peace and joy, which are two characteristics of the Kingdom. 

In this time of intense restriction, personally, where even ministry, or any spiritual activity was put aside to concentrate on just BEING WITH GOD, we may have suffered lack, in many areas, but in these times if we invest in our relationship with God He gives us a special capacity to have peace and joy in extreme circumstances when normally we could be disheartened and losing faith. 

More and more earthly governmental and economic structures are being shaken, and we must shift our trust NOT IN WHAT WE HAVE BUT IN WHO GOD IS, unchangeable and faithful. 

That is the central core of our covenant, REFLECTING WHO GOD IS IN THIS IMPERFECT WORLD. 

God promises and extends that covenant with us. 

When we come to Joshua 3, we see the Israelites CROSS OVER THE JORDAN. It is miraculous, but if we go behind into the Hebrew the very word used to depict God dividing the waters, is the word “karath” which is covenant. This means the very act of dividing the waters is COVENANTAL. This therefore can be transported in our thinking to mean:

God has extended His Covenant to us, to bring us close to His Heart, so that we execute His will on the earth, and all obstacles presented before us, waters, winds, fires and battles, God will DIVIDE before us. He will make a way! The waters will become DRY LAND for us to walk over…THROUGH them…to our promises, and whatever stands in our way will be taken away, not because of our strength, nor our power, but the Most High Himself will do it. 

So being covenantal in the ultimate means that our lives are paving the way for the fulfilment of Hebrews 11:10. The city whose foundations and maker is God will come down from heaven bringing in perfected community and communion. That is the ultimate meaning of being a Son of God, we are putting down the STONES, preparing the way for the King to come in…


Psalm 24 tells us to prepare, to open the gates, and let the King of Glory come in…and our lives pave the way. That way, that Highway is HOLINESS. And the way that that Highway is constructed is through the outworking of covenant in our lives. That better covenant is through Christ. 





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