Isaiah 6: Part 1, In the year that Uzziah died, what has to die to see the Lord?

Isaiah 6: Part 1

What has to die for us to see the Lord?

Right now the Lord is moving on me and through our ministry to transmit that which He is revealing to us concerning our day. When you consider that the prophetic ministry is not about foretelling but about interpreting what God is doing now is more deeper and profound than our traditional ideas of the prophetic.

Isaiah 6 marks a turning point in the ministry of Isaiah. Isaiah was a priest in the temple. And you can see in his messages the nature of his life. But here in chapter 6 we see a crisis occur in the nation, a change. A death occurred that changed the nation, Uzziah the King had died. It was in this transition year to a new king that God revealed a very holy vision to Isaiah that was to renew his vision, and align his call. This will be themes in further messages in this series. 

But for the Lord to be revealed a vulnerability had to be waited for, for opportunity. The death of someone influential in the life of Isaiah to open his life, through vulnerability to be able to perceive a open vision of what he received. 

Today the Lord is shaking in our lives all that which makes us hard hearted and arrogant, to make us vulnerable and open to the vision that He is going to show us. 

In this message, I am not advocating permanent chronic illnesses coming from the Lord, although sometimes they can come and can be used, but we cannot be dogmatic WITHOUT HAVING SPECIFIC REVELATION. We cannot make these things doctrine. 


So I ask, what needs to die in importance in our lives to make us prepared for the HIGH VISION and lifechanging vision God has for us. What we see changes us, and this vision of the holiness of God changed Isaiah. 

So I ask, what obstacles need to be removed for us to be ready to be sent out by God?


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