A Pivotal Move

I am writing in the midst of what could be a pivotal move of God. When you think that the Lighthouse is used in the night, to shine its light when the storms are there, to warn ships and boats of the rocks, so the Lighthouse is the symbol of Brixham in Devon, UK.

Several weeks ago the Lord led me back down to Brixham, to stay in a Guest House for 10 days, of intensive intercession. The Lord gave my friend a vision of a house. With a lantern in the garden. I stayed in the Guest House being ministered deeply by the Lord, and this was a deep envisioning time. The Lord fulfilled almost all the prophetic words and promises that He had made to me that time.

On the final day of my Guest House stay, ready to check out, the Lord led me to a house which was exactly as my friend had described. The Lord said; “Here is your house.” I went away and the next day I went up to see if I could take photos. It was already taken off the renting register. The current occupier decided to stay there. I laid it down.

A week later it came back up…so I went to see it. What greeted me was a property full of the Glory of God. The Lord subsequently has envisioned me regarding that house calling it “Zion” all the time. Talking about a move through the nations, a move of the Spirit, great outpourings and great revivals, preparing the way for the Israelites to know who their Messiah is. It is a pivotal move. The Lord said the House is a MINISTRY/PRAYER/REVIVAL house, which is His. Up to now all has flowed, but we still hit an obstacle. It is financial. It is not financial in its entirety, in that the symptom is financial but the root is spiritual. The Lord wants to move in a mighty way throughout the land of UK, to bring about a national revival. It will not just come from meetings, it shall come from houses, the Lord decides to move through.

In the Hebrides Revival, a small cottage in Barvas was used to pray in the revival. So here too we desire to be just servants in this way. God has spoken, He shall not fail. He speaks to His Servants, His Word shall not return void.

Because it is pivotal it means that these times are crucial faith tests, to bring us into TESTIMONY. Its not what we give for God, but what He gives us. That TESTIMONY IS A WORD in the Greek, martureo. This word means that God gives us a testimony and from it springs all signs and wonders. These signs and wonders in Joel 2 are significant of the Move of the Spirit upon all flesh…

Therefore, what I need is an army of intercessors, who shall stand with me. The house is called of God, Zion, which means, where the glory touches the earth to bring accessible favour and accessible fellowship. The Lord is desirous of a NEW MOVE through the earth, where truth is clear, where error is expelled through sincere prayer.

Join with me.

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