Isaiah 54 A Breakthrough Key for Today

The Lord took me to Isaiah 54 today, and told me that the Lord has for a generation a preparation time for birthing the new things…God likens it to a woman who has never bore, and likens it to a fruitless life. In Israel a woman who had never given birth to children was a shame. It was telling of sin on behalf of the woman.

But the Lord says it is finished the time of fruitlessness. Now it is time to be birthing the things of God…

The Lord says prepare:

1. Sing: In all revivals, the type of worship and praise changes, the songs are rewritten, new songs are sung. The Lord says sing forth of your breakthrough. Today has arrived because you shall conceive the things that God has promised to you. You may not see it in the visible world, but it is in your heart…God spoke something into being in your “spiritual womb” and you feel it growing inside your heart, you feel your heart move…now is the time to sing forth.

2. Make room: God says enlarge the place…make room for God’s breakthrough, make room in your thinking, make room in your perspective. There is nothing more destructive than a mindset of unbelief…a mindset of bitterness….of despair…the Lord says I am coming to birth in you my Purposes…my Destiny in you…what is my Destiny in you…CHRIST IN YOU HOPE OF GLORY! The Lord has destined you as an eternal citizen of the eternal city which has no end…all tears shall be wiped off your face…

3. Stretch forth the curtains…the Lord says that you must stretch your faith…you must come into a new place in your thinking, you must put away your “wilderness” and “barren expectation.” You were once barren, but now the fruit God will birth through you shall be so great the spiritual place you are now in will be so small that you cannot contain.

For the Church God gave me Psalm 126…God says He is bringing us back from our “captivity”, to the places where all our spiritual references have been challenged, some of us lost faith, lost intimacy with God. He is turning our captivity to our RETURN TO NEW DAYS OF GLORY. Over the last few days God has been renewing in me, the concept of Zion, that place where GOD’S GLORY TOUCHES THE EARTH AND IS ACCESSIBLE WHO WILL COME AND SEEK…there is no veil, there is no restriction!

There is coming now the season that it will seem like a dream…we will be returning along the ancient paths…Jeremiah 6…and God will fill our mouths with laughter and joy, and also singing…v2 and even those round about will recognize that it was the Lord who did it.

The Lord is going to do great things AMONGST US His covenant people. Those that sowed with the tears in the former seasons, shall be filled up…with joy. Going back to Isaiah 54, we see birthing, a painful travail, which lasts but hours to be filled with a lifetimes of adventures. The Lord says your travail shall be but a moment, but He shall fill you with the fruits of your tears, which shall be to your joy.

Instead of us disbelieving this as just a word…this is God’s message to you…it is for today…walk into the new season…by faith and receive the Father’s love.


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