Afghanistan… a spiritual allegory

It has been distressing to see the anguish outside the airport in Kabul. I can only intercede that the human errors, arrogance and political manoeuvres do not become a story of massacres and oppression of all those who are still at the airport. We may be angry and rightly so, at the government, people who could do something and do not, pandemic, nations and governments across the world losing all notion of balance and the paranoia that is abroad. The fact is once you create a God shaped vacuum and fill it with politics this is what it produces. We … Continue reading Afghanistan… a spiritual allegory

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New Book published!

My new publication is now out on the Kindle Store. “THE COMING OF THE LORD” has been adapted for a book 📖 and published today. Please await for my Store page to be updated. At 4pm today, the Store page has been updated to incorporate the new book. Praise God as this marks a great achievement in accomplishing my goals for this year till October. For me it is a Jubilee year. My Paperback version will hold more chapters than the Kindle version because of publishing requirements. This is being arranged right now. This effort is not merely a commercial … Continue reading New Book published!

New Series! The Purposes of God

There will be one more message to conclude the Coming of the Lord series and then to tie in is the Purposes of God. What is needed more than ever is an understanding from the Word what is God purposing for our generation, our nation, our Church, our family. In this context we can tie in our understanding of the End Times . Once we grow into this greater understanding we come into a greater capacity to flow in those purposes seeing our lives gain a greater effectiveness of service and gifting. If we believe those purposes are exterior to … Continue reading New Series! The Purposes of God

A long time without posting

It has been a transition time and the process to getting to a place of writing ✍ has taken till now. There will be a new message coming out concerning the Lord’s coming soon. I think as I pray about it that we may be coming to an end and we may get some new insights into the Word in a different direction. With all what is going on with the Pandemic right now, and governmental paranoia which has managed the health crisis with draconian measures we must be on the Threshold to some of the tendencies we see prophesied … Continue reading A long time without posting

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The Coming of the Lord 5: When the Lord comes FOR the Church and when He comes WITH the Church

In this series we are trying to distinguish what we mean by the Coming of the Lord. We often refer to this in the communion rite. When we study end times, we have to come away from traditional interpretations. We … Continue reading The Coming of the Lord 5: When the Lord comes FOR the Church and when He comes WITH the Church

The Coming of the Lord 4: He comes TO you before He comes FOR you.

We return to Acts 3:19-21 because there we see several insights into the programme of God the Father whilst Jesus is at His Right Hand. Jesus is retained in heaven until there is full restitution. He has been there for the last 2000 years. The Early Church expected Him to return in their lifetime. Who remembers the old gospel preaching where we were confronted by the impending return of Christ. There is a sense that “impending” is true in the context that no-one knows when, yet in another sense the Word has indicators that we are not there yet. That … Continue reading The Coming of the Lord 4: He comes TO you before He comes FOR you.