Books in process of being Published

The Christmas Parallels book will be reviewed in the next 2 days and then put to sale. There will be a price of £10 for each paperback and £5 for every Ebook, all to be available on Amazon. Please pray that the review go well. Please pray for our support of this work as it takes much study, and we also disciple leaders. Many have asked how they can send one time donations. You can send via Paypal: Continue reading Books in process of being Published


I have started to pray into investors who can donate to our work here at the site. God distinguishes the power to get wealth and riches. We started by setting up a Limited Company to legally account the donations and income to this ministry. The ministry is not mine it was given by the Lord. This post is not to appeal for funds rather to join me in prayer. I desperately need a new Macbook with the M1 chip and 256GB of storage for my books and media software. This will come to about £3000. Plus software needed for launching … Continue reading Investors

A project we support: Indigo Traveller

One day I was searching the net and came across videos regarding Venezuela, as I had been investigating the economic disaster there and these videos, 10 of them tell of a trip that Nick Fisher a.k.a Indigo Traveller made there. I was so impacted by the quality of the videos, what was captured. We try to support these projects financially and in prayer. Even in the context of the pandemic he still goes out to countries to capture culture, humanitarian issues, talk to the locals. One such example of his work is the soup kitchens in and around Caracas, Venezuela, … Continue reading A project we support: Indigo Traveller