New Series! God’s Purpose of Consolation of His Saints

Since we have finished the long series of Pass-Over to Passover and Passover to Pentecost, the Lord has been dealing with me concerning some concepts of Consolation of the Word. The findings have been surprising and they have been somewhat revolutionary. They have been walked out in my own spiritual journey, where much prayer and much searching the Scriptures over the last 2 years, where so much is confusing right now. There is much upheaval taking place, much division, even in the Church, and much accusation and abuse.

The purpose of the prophetic has been misunderstood, from the so called cessationists who have come to the conclusion that God no longer raises up prophets or apostles in our day. They have not understood that modern day prophets and apostles are not for establishing doctrine, but confirming it. There are so many false teachers and prophets abroad. So much we have to hand with the internet, so much commentary from the political spectrum. It seems the main backdrop to everything is the sense of crisis, and there can be nothing we can be confident of, nor trust in. The prophetic and the prophet does not predict, he interprets God’s ways in the present.

This series seeks to draw examples of consolation from the Word, and the context which God brings them to bring new vision and faith to His People, so they can wait and prepare with a healthy expectation. There is something new God is bringing, but how we discern it, must be from a prayerful attitude and seeking God for His Word. There is so much we have traditionally accepted because it was handed down to us, in conferences, special meetings, even in the Churches that does not tell the whole story.

This series will no doubt be a new journey in God’s Word and as we prayerfully meditate on the things He unfolds so we will become more and more discerning in this uncertain hour.


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