Things that must take Place 7: When 3 streams come together

I have just arrived back from an intense time conducting a retreat with the question: What is God saying in this season? It started out slow Friday and picked up pace by Saturday, and the audios from this are being put together, as God unveiled some of His ways in history, projecting prophetically also, and God revealed His heart to us. It was amazing indeed. I have come back with a need to process what I heard on many levels.

In this season Jesus is with His arms outstretched toward us, inviting us to know Him, and in Knowing Him we shall know ourselves and know the season we are living in.

3 Streams in the last days will combat the 3 of the Godhead in the Church

We need to be watching these tendencies as watchmen and women to warn His Church of the transitions coming.

I started out typing another message last week, but could not finish it. It just seemed out of timing, out of what God was wanting, so as I arrived back home this week this message came strongly. It is a word to watch as it unfolds…but we must be ready as the coming together of 3 sectors of global society come together marks the time when the spirit of antichrist will transition to be embodied by the antichrist. The Incarnation of Jesus will be counterfeited here, as the “son” of satan will be manifest. My conviction has been not to name names, because this is misleading and 99.9% it is always wrong. What are the 3 streams I speak:

  1. Political Power
  2. Economic Power
  3. Religious Power

When these 3 streams reach fulness we will see them manifest as:

  1. Antichrist
  2. Beast
  3. False Prophet

This means that the list at the top concerning the 3 areas must come to fulness for the bottom list to come into being, and what do they do to humanity:

  1. Demand Worship
  2. Demand subjection
  3. Demand Allegiance

You see this very clearly in the trial and crucifixion of Jesus that religious power joined political power in the form of the Sanhedrin aligning with Rome, financial power and avarice exercised by Judas Iscariot being very clear at the very beginning of that process from Garden to Palace to Golgotha. So knowing these 3 streams you can discern them at work in modern society, far removed from the other generations and centuries. Man has become self centered, self deluded and self propagating. You can also gauge where we are in this end time process when these 3 streams start to come together. It presents great issues when you consider how much Church in different countries like the UK, USA and others integrate in affairs of the State, some benefitting a great deal financially from the State, yet State never gives anything away without establishing conditions first. When Jesus used John the Apostle to write to the Church in Thyratira we see an attitude before an influential so called prophetess of tolerance yet Jesus confronts this Jezebel with death. How much more we need to discern how we have become tolerant and subservient at some of the governmental opposition to the very things that the Church lives by. The attitude of tolerance is what Jesus confronted in the Church. And many who were deceived by the prophetess and eluded into a Gospel of toleration were confronted with death. This is not to say the Church must break laws that govern a country, but Church must not accept laws that contravene the Word of God.

The 3 streams of the enemy will not be manifest until the Church comes into its own 3 streams of God

The Book of Revelation tells us eternal processes from history, the present and the future from heaven’s perspective and the devil is not driving the agenda.

Revelation 1 tells us of the streams the Church needs to walk out fulness. Jesus will not appear until the Church draws out the enemy in his fulness. We have majored when we speak of Christ, in His Saviour ministry, yet we know that Jesus is King, High Priest, and Prophet. Yet in verse 6 He calls us Kings and Priests, and in other places He calls us Prophets in the loose term. This mirrors who Jesus is, as we move and walk out His Kingly, Priestly and Prophetic roles in our lives as a Corporate Body and as individuals. The issue is we have some idea of our priestly role, yet we are totally ignorant of our Kingly role. It is interesting that the text puts Kingly before Priestly. It seems when the Church wanted to focus on a priestly role, that is preach about God’s love, evangelism, social action, it ignored the Kingly role. Yet it is the kingly role that activates a fuller priestly role. The example in this is Melchizedek, who was all 3 in Jerusalem around 2000BC. The Church to exercise its Messianic Kingly role it cannot please political agendas, but must take on the character of Christ in Psalm 2. It is the clearest window on Christ’s kingly role throughout human history. It is not surprising that in Acts 4 when the Early Church understands that Christ’s Kingly role needed the activation through the Church to be King and Lord that the Holy Spirit came in power once again. I sense therefore once the Church realises that putting the Kingly stream fully in its rightful place that the Church will rediscover her power again. The fact that there were several manifestations of the Spirit after they prayed Psalm 2: the place was shaken, they were all filled, signs and wonders, healings and miracles by the Church. Shaking needs to come to the earth from the Jesus in His Church! The devil is not calling the agenda in the Book of Revelation, the Lord Himself is, with His Church. And whilst judgments and persecutions are the stage where changes come, the fact remains God the Father will set His Son as King and Judge of all.

For the Church to come to fulness of Kingly, Priestly and Prophetic role in the end days, she must get rid of Antichrist, False prophet and mammon from her midst.

These things are being shaken out of the Church right now!

I have just got back from a retreat which God showed categorically that He had allowed the pandemic, and that in it there were certain processes at work. This process of these 3 malignant things that have existed in the Church must be expelled. God will do it in this process. Let us examine how they manifest in the Church.

  1. Antichrist: False and self assumed authority, not knowing the ways of God, controlling not leading the flock. Leading by domination and lies, manipulation of people to an unholy agenda. There are ideologies in the earth that antichrist is projecting in the Church right now that are deviating the attention from Christ and the Church’s true mission. These false leaders who breed heresy and reap apostasy must be exposed and expelled. Worship through domination
  2. False Prophet: The lack of discernment in the Body, has allowed ungodly ministers to corrupt the Word of God, fill the saints with presumption, and lead them into deception. The false prophet spirit is in all denominations and without exception is propelling the greatest 2 pronged false movements called ecumenism and globalism. The Unity God wants to bring to the Church is not just doctrinal but first is an encounter with the Spirit of Unity of Ephesians 4, and from there all doctrinal positions will be revealed by the same Spirit to cultivate that unity. It is not a human attempt to get agreement at any cost. Heresy and apostasy through deception.
  3. Mammon: The beast system has a foundation called mammon. It is totally opposed to Christ, and for 2 times Christ confronted it with fury. There is no doubt that mammon has infiltrated the financial economy of the Church. Tithes and offerings have been misused and taken out of their Biblical context and churches and ministries have used these to survive. Mammon has manipulated the saints to support false doctrine and false foundations in ministry. Al Houghton my friend has written a clear explanation in his book called Purifying the Altar, I strongly recommend you read this Book by visiting . Mammon is the seal of false ministry when the ministry does not run on a platform of service but gain, on sowing but constantly fleecing. Agenda governed by financial gain

This message has not been easy to write, much opposition has been had. Yet we must see that end times theology has a context of conflict which plays out for God establishing His Kingdom in fulness, a new earth and a new heavens. For these things to take place as end times Scriptures explain we must be aware of the processes that work together for this end time scenario. May we ask God to bring us into our Kingly, Priestly and Prophetic role, that way we shall expel Antichrist, false prophet and mammon from our midst.

Concluding words

Is it not interesting that in the 3 malignant streams that they exist in the midst of the saints, yet we need God to cause us to recognise them, resist them so that Christ can manifest His 3 streams in us and complete His end time agenda. May we pray with the Holy Spirit: Come Lord Jesus. Maranatha!

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