Prophetic Word for the Church in the UK.

Ezekiel 37

The Lord is showing me the Church in the UK as a valley of dead and dry bones. When I meditated what I see is quite detailed beyond what I read in the narrative.

The Lord made me understand that these dead bones were not good to look at, nor were they pleasant to smell. I wanted to look away. I had determined in my mind that they were dead. There was no hope.

Many who truly have a call to the Church in this nation, have been offended by the dual reality. Dead bones playing alive. Actively dancing in the wind. When they would speak to the bones they would say ” do you not know that you died times ago?” Such was the offence that they did not want any association of these armies.

Yet the Word of the Lord would come to us; “Can these bones live?”

Our reply is marked with a spirit of non engagement. “YOU ALONE KNOW” Many times our prayer has been to God to revive the bones of our nation. Yet we have prayed amiss. For God has seen our proud heart in regarding others as being dead when we are all part of the sorry state we have arrived at.

God commands us to prophesy. He prophesied into our spirit the coming together, which we mostly resist. In a nation of scattered bones division has taken place. Yet God says ” say to these bones to come together”. The Lord says rent your heart as there has been division in your prayers, your words, your preaching. There have been hidden brethren in places you have not dreamt of.

Prophesy nerves and muscles, the dialogue of connecting to Christ. Together. Connected by heart and spirit.

The Lord showed me a picture of a revival in the historic churches, and modern churches closing voluntarily to heal centuries of wounds.

The Lord tell us to prophesy to the winds of heaven for these places, peoples, armies to come alive. It will not be a human coming together by human intention. Rather a command from on high shall come forth to bring a powerful witness to the nation that there is a people who do not divide over politics, power, position. Rather they are an army conquering via love and works of love.

For a nation divided shall arise not from Parliament but from a nation that comes together in the Spirit of Christ.

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