Which lord do you seek?

In 1 Kings 17-19 recounts the story of the worship of a false lord called Baal. This lord as prophets to this deity in a time of famine were given the rights to sit at the Royal table of Jezebel. You have to remember that this was a time of utter famine. And bread was... Continue Reading →

Price of Transition: change of leadership

2 Samuel 6 We see that in one day a leadership generation is replaced. Saul is replaced with David, albeit not so soon. What happened in any transition is that disillusionment comes in, rejecting a form of leadership. We must change pace. David desires the Ark, desires the Presence of God. But his attempt took... Continue Reading →

The Upper Room

Today have come on a  journey as we have also with our teaching. We have gone through so much. We have seen Jesus prepare us for ministry and power, authority. There is a time for closing the Upper Room. There is time for moving forward. Let us establish some principles here: 1. We go into... Continue Reading →

Rioting without a cause

This week we have all seen the spreading of rioting throughout the cities of Britain. There has been a lot of destruction, some loss of life. Everyone is asking why. First of all the spiritual landscape of Britain is apathetic, with a society based on easy going economics, political correctness, and humanism. This means we... Continue Reading →

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