Global war, spiritual war, personal war

This week the news has been full of war and conflict, negotiations and propaganda. What I have also noted is Churches across the globe praying, interceding and sending aid to the Ukraine 🇺🇦. There is a spiritual war going on too. This spiritual war is between two Kingdoms; the Kingdom whose King is Jesus Christ, and the Kingdom of Satan and his minions. The difference is that this war has already been won legally! Its just that what is happening is that there is a mopping up operation going on. This operation is ratifying what has been won legally to … Continue reading Global war, spiritual war, personal war

Which lord do you seek?

In 1 Kings 17-19 recounts the story of the worship of a false lord called Baal. This lord as prophets to this deity in a time of famine were given the rights to sit at the Royal table of Jezebel. You have to remember that this was a time of utter famine. And bread was scarce. The nation had gone astray to this false lord. They had left the worship of the true Lord. Now they out of sheer necessity had to pledge allegiance to Jezebel at her royal table. Jezebel had almost eradicated the prophetic out of the land. … Continue reading Which lord do you seek?

Price of Transition: change of leadership

2 Samuel 6 We see that in one day a leadership generation is replaced. Saul is replaced with David, albeit not so soon. What happened in any transition is that disillusionment comes in, rejecting a form of leadership. We must change pace. David desires the Ark, desires the Presence of God. But his attempt took the life of one man. There was stumbling. We need to examine some parrallels. A. David tried to bring the Presence of God without looking into the Word. B. David tried to bring the Presence as with the same methodology as the ignorant. C. David … Continue reading Price of Transition: change of leadership

The Upper Room

Today have come on a  journey as we have also with our teaching. We have gone through so much. We have seen Jesus prepare us for ministry and power, authority. There is a time for closing the Upper Room. There is time for moving forward. Let us establish some principles here: 1. We go into the Upper Room for a season 2. We get broken, spoken, token for our lives. 3. We are taught about true authority, not dictatorship. 4. Greatness is not about how HIGH we go but how low we stoop to know Him in our humility. 5. … Continue reading The Upper Room

Lessons from the Hebrides Revival part 2

I started my post this afternoon. I had to draw to a close due to commitments. What do we note about this revival? 1. A real diagnosis of the spiritual state of the community. 2. A real commitment to prayer no matter the cost 3. A revelation from the Word coming from prayer 4. A new form of dialogue with God. 5. True outpouring of God sought, not gifts, ministries. 6. Faith in visions God gave 7. Prayer until breakthrough 8. Prayer given FIRST priority. So what do we need to do? We need to abandon the spirit of what … Continue reading Lessons from the Hebrides Revival part 2