I hear the sound of rain

When we read the account of Elijah confronting the prophets of Baal we can take out so much from that. But the message God always brings me back to is the mountaintop experience of praying the rain down

1 Kings 18:41 NLT

Then Elijah said to Ahab, “Go get something to eat and drink, for I hear a mighty rainstorm coming!”

What Elijah heard was not heard by his natural hearing. It was a combination of faith that penetrates the realm of the Spirit so that we step into operating from our spirit man, with its spiritual senses. The spiritual senses see what is invisible, hear what is silence, feel what is beyond, taste what is unbelievable.

It is an interesting principle, Jesus wants us to live our lives from the Spirit, via our spirit man.

When we take into context that Elijah discerned that the season of famine had come to an end, he (because he operated from the prophetic dimensions was able to understand what needed to take place) needed to pray through to secure the breakthrough what was a Divine intention to become a natural manifestation i.e rain.

The lack of rain for 3 years was the time that Elijah was manifest as a prophet in Israel. It was a judgment from God. In the book of James we read that Elijah prayed it would not rain, and it did not. So God put into the hands of Elijah the authority to determine a manifestation of Divine seasons.

It is said that Elijah prayed 7 times. Was it because God was deaf? No! Was it because He was to be persuaded? No! We have to understand the realm of the Spirit and the realm of the spiritual dimension. How it works, and what order has to be established. This comes through prayer!

Revival is essentially this:
1. Hearing
2. Climbing
3. Praying
4. Looking

Elijah heard rain coming. He heard it in the realm of the Spirit. What are you hearing? If you haven’t heard it, don’t pray it. The fact is hearing it in your spirit is the first rung of our revival ladder.

You hear in Nehemiah 1 what he heard, beyond the report. What did he hear? He heard God’s heart of compassion for Jerusalem and how He desired to restore its walls and it’s temple. That the spiritual season had come. So our key is in our hearing first.

Revival is a mountain. We must climb up on established pathways laid out in the Word. It is difficult. We must go to higher places, to get a clearer vision.

Our prayer on the mountain top must take into account:
1. A knowledge of God’s will
2. A knowledge of God’s ways
3. A knowledge of God’s when

From this we must pray through by faith until what we see from the invisible realm becomes manifest in the natural to water the lives of all those God has put us in the midst of.

God has given us this authority. He has given us capacity ti operate from our spirit man, to work in the eternal affairs of God here on the earth.

It is time for spiritual rain. We must hear it and prepare in prayer for it.


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