The next Season: Vision Post

In the beginning of the lockdown I had already been walking out a 3 year transition in God. In fact I am working on 3 books as we speak. 12 Foundations of the Church7 Processes of Purification of the Word7 Dimensions of Unity We shall be making up a Pastor and Leader's pack, which shall... Continue Reading →

“On the Lord’s Day”

Revelation 1:10 we are continuing to study. It represents the preparation for the final implementation of the fullness of the Kingdom. This Kingdom must have the King set on His Holy Hill. Psalm 2. King Jesus will implement the domain of His Throne which is His Authority What we need in our day is the... Continue Reading →

Writing and Publishing

Last year when I was in Colorado Springs I received on the final day before departure Psalm 12. It would spell a journey of discovery. I thought God was speaking into a situation I was living regarding my return to the UK. Franciscan Retreat Centre Colorado Springs. The Lord speaks in verse 6 that the... Continue Reading →

Which lord do you seek?

In 1 Kings 17-19 recounts the story of the worship of a false lord called Baal. This lord as prophets to this deity in a time of famine were given the rights to sit at the Royal table of Jezebel. You have to remember that this was a time of utter famine. And bread was... Continue Reading →

Build your Jerusalem

Nehemiah 1 As we are moving through some very troubled times, and troubled times are always the context of revival and major moves of the Lord throughout the Bible. Jesus came in a context of Roman occupation, of the decline of the faith of the Jews, false Messiahs. In all the Roman injustices inflicted on... Continue Reading →

Prophetic Perspective: Venezuela

Just been watching a YouTube video from Indigo Traveller. A visit to Caracas and showing the contrast between the rich and the poor. From the ancient ruins so in God there will be a rebuilding of Ancient Ruins economically. The Lord has stirred me to imagine what would Jesus be saying to the nation and... Continue Reading →

Eli in the Church

As the lockdown eases the nations are relegating the Church as the last place to open. It seems that there is a conception that the Church is the most dangerous place to propagate the virus. I find this very suspect in the sense that there must be an agenda at work. However the politics and... Continue Reading →

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