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God is about to do something new; David Wilkerson 2003.

“GOD is ABOUT to DO SOMETHING NEW”-David Wilkerson (1 Sept 2003) I am not a Jeremiah, but for a number of years I have actedas a watchman on the wall, warning of impending judgments.Yet, I have preached that God’s judgments are alwaysredemptive. He is a loving God who must at times redeemand correct a sinful people through chastenings. Recently, I have been preaching that God is about to dosomething new and glorious. This new thing is beyond revival,beyond an awakening. It is a work of God that He aloneinitiates when He can no longer endure the polluting of Hisholy name. … Continue reading God is about to do something new; David Wilkerson 2003.

Season of Suddenlies

“SUDDENLY He will visit His Temple. It is for Purification of those who exercise priestly vocational duties. A 7 fold process will take place to purify His ministries. Psalm 12:5 specifies the 7 fold Purification process. The areas of this Purification is worship, intercession, sacrifices of righteousness, exalting holiness. There are coming some very sudden changes, shifts in the intensity of His Presence. Prayer meetings will spring up and Jesus will suddenly appear! He is coming to get us ready for eternity. Get us ready for our judicial role in transitioning from this creation to a new heaven and new … Continue reading Season of Suddenlies


I have just got back from 14 days of intense prayer. I have come back to a major battle for which I can only look to God for but if the needs are not met I will have a period of not posting to this site. God has always been faithful but my battle is great. All I ask is prayer. I have to dialogue with God with this financial need. Please pray. 🙏 P.s have had enquiries about how support can be sent. Please use PayPal and search for @russelldurose7 on the dashboard. The email reference is . … Continue reading Personal

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“Times of Refreshing will come from the Presence of the Lord”

Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord; and he shall send Jesus Christ, which before was preached unto you: whom the … Continue reading “Times of Refreshing will come from the Presence of the Lord”