Sit at My right Hand Until I MAKE your enemies your footstool…who heaven must receive until the times of restoration

Psalm 110 and Acts 3:19-21 are pivotal Scriptures for this season. It is the season that the Father will make Jesus’ enemies His footstool. We know these Scriptures well. We know them too well that very often we miss great truths.

The Father will Himself make of the enemy of Jesus a place UNDER JESUS’ FEET!

We often talk about the movement of the Holy Spirit instead of talking about a season which the Father Himself will act on Jesus’ behalf. We have already seen a measure, through the death, resurrection and Ascension of Jesus, where in Daniel 7 He is given Dominion, a Kingdom.

This is the season of the Father establishing Jesus over the enemy

Here we see the very few times where a pivotal event begins to occur. It starts in the Day of Pentecost, where in Peter’s message we see a insight of equal depth than David, which Peter refers to, where he says that Jesus asks of the Father for the sending of the Holy Spirit to the Church. This event marks the first stage in establishing the Dominion of Jesus on the Throne.

The imagination of that deluge that day of the Holy Spirit must have sent shock waves into the kingdom of darkness, because the devil knows that this is a rolling out of the end game of the end for him. Now authority and power is now being rolled out, and this is the programme of restitution as Acts 3:19-21.

Whom the Heavens must receive until the times of restitution of all things, where God has spoken through the mouth of the holy prophets which have been since the beginning of the world.

Think for a moment, where is Jesus now? What is He doing? Acts 3 says He is actively interceding and seeing heaven restitute the Church with all the things that were lost in the fall and the waywardness of His people.

In this time of lockdown and crisis we must begin to seek Him concerning what He is interceding and what He is organising in His Church. In this lockdown the buildings we called Church are now empty. The hidden quarantined Church is now going to be REVEALED! God has allowed the physical pulpits to be silent, the physical pews to be empty, the choirs not in their place, no singing…no flowers, no incense, no candles. Doors closed. God is about to open His Door in heaven to rain down a new time of restitution. Just as the Son and Head of the Church is about to be revealed so the Church is about to be seen like she never has.

The Church doors that have been closed Jesus is about to open His door of heaven to the world!

People are confusing the issue of closed physical buildings and lack of physical fellowship for a need for some kind of civil disobedience, when we are missing the great opportunity, in joining in prayer WITH JESUS in that place in the Heavenly Church, to pray the way He is, so that the virus, governments will bow the knee to Jesus, King of Kings, Lord of Lords.

This situation is not about WINNING over a virus, rather it is about who sits on the Throne of the world!

Join with Jesus interceding to Establish His Kingdom “Let your Kingdom Come!”

Its not about winning over a virus, its about who really sits on the Throne of the Earth, none other than Jesus, King of Kings, Lord of all lords!

If that is the case therefore, should not our prayer change, should not we be actively seeking for that footstool be established in our midst? Should not we be seeking God for Jesus to be established in His ultimate authority in us and through us! That there is our mistake, we sometimes pray for that authority to be set up now, yet we do not let Him establish His Throne in us!

Jesus Desires to set up His Throne in us! So He can reign through us!

So this season before us, glorious as it is, makes us the pivotal piece in God’s programme for the earth! He has designed His Church to put the devil under God’s feet.

To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God Ephesians 3:10 KJV

The Church must demonstrate to the heavenly heirarchies that wisdom of God! These are not just those in God’s kingdom, but the kingdom of darkness. We need to be interceding therefore with Jesus!

His intercession for us is individual as is Corporate for the whole Church.

 What would that intercession be? I believe this: Let my church demonstrate in this hour My wisdom in the earth, not only My wisdom but also my Authority, submitted to in their lives so that I may move them through the nations in their intercessions and prophetic words to bring forth a demonstration of My Kingdom rule! So be it Father, El, Yahweh God.

Let us join in this season that as Jesus is received into heaven that through our lives we see manifest and demonstrated His Restitution, in the devil’s removal, and that the devil is on all 4s so he is a resting place for Jesus’ feet by the Church.

Believe me, the finest hour comes!


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