The True Prophetic

I was meditating on what is the prophet, looking at some Biblical examples. The one that shone out to me was the one Jesus says is the greatest. John the Baptist is not the profile of the prophet of our day. He is not readily prophesying over the people, he is not given to visions, or strange things. He simply baptised the people in the Jordan. Yet Jesus Himself calls him the greatest. What made Jesus value him so much?

What we know prophetically, John came in the power of the Spirit of Elijah. This is a demarcation from all that was, to bring in something new. What we see is John in great solitary preparation. Spent years in the wilderness, eating the minimum. We see him alone for much time, and away from every trend of society.

What we cannot do is try to interpret the present without going to God first. He will answer us as we seek Him.

What made John great was the spirit upon him, the preparation, the timing, the preparation of God’s people for a major change. He did not prophesy, but his life was a prophecy. He did not give visions, he was a vision.

This is what made him great in Jesus’ eyes.

There are so called “prophets” in the world, but I do not want to model myself on them but on John.

The greatest things of John, was the recognition of his timing. He knew when he was to be in the right place at the right time. Then he knew when his time was finished and how he was to show the centrality of Jesus, that he diminish. This is tremendous.

In These days we need men who are willing to step aside and allow others to take centre stage. This is the sign of a great man. He was not defined by ministry, activity,politics. He was defined by the seasons and moves of God.

We need men this way today, who shall overturn the status quo and bring in the new things of God that we need. Certainly it will not be through conferences, not through books, it shall be through those who take their understanding, recognise the times, and bring change.

2 thoughts on “The True Prophetic

  1. Such a beautiful word of truth, Russell! I want to pass this on to other saints I am working with now on a new venue and new assignment. God’s good success to you and yours!

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