The season of Pillars

2011 has been a year of establishing foundations. I have seen in my own life, family, and in church life, as well as in the nations mass upheaval. This upheaval is uncomfortable, unsettling and sometimes very difficult to cope with. I remember that my own situation was one of being given no choice but to change some things,

The nations have seen major upheavals, seen major changes, with dictators, being toppled. I really saw this as a foundational year, and I saw my own ministry and life have new solid foundations of faith and intimacy with the Lord, and it has been amazing. It was painful when I was broken from my self sufficiency and be confronted with the question: ” are you going to trust me?”

The Lord gave me a vision this morning, of pillars, which were stood on solid foundations. These pillars had names, one was called intimacy, another called faith, another called obedience, another called grace, each stood firmly on a new solid foundation. The Lord said to me, these pillars I will erect in this season, there will come a solidity, come a prosperity of truth. ”

Let US welcome these pillars.

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