A Reappraisal for the need of revival…taking confusion out of the concept

On some forums there has been quite a bit of discussion concerning REVIVAL. I believe we have become sidetracked into believing in strategies and meetings daily to get revival. I do not believe this will happen. I have been thinking about this, thinking particularly about Kathie Walters’ book “Bright and Shining Revival”, an account of the Hebridean revival of 1948-1952. I am not going to use this post to go into this part of Church history, but there must be things to learn.

1. The People understood their corporate state of languishing in spiritual decline

There was a previous meeting in the Church of Scotland church building, speaking about the spiritual state of the island. The people sharing together began to ascertain where they had got to. How much we need to see HOW and WHERE we got to where WE ARE NOW.

2. Result of conscience brings them into the awareness of the need to turn to the Lord

There is no doubt on the Isle of Lewis there was a praying people. But being STIRRED by God, which is the key, they began to pray. Their praying was not ordinary praying, I believe, as there are elements that only now I have been reflecting on. There is an element, where INTIMACY must come in. Moses stood before the Lord, and told Him it would not be so, and God heard his word. Abraham, stood also before the Lord and was able to guarantee Lot’s rescue.

WE MUST GET INTO A POSITION WHERE GOD MOVES ACCORDING TO OUR WORD…but how do we get there? I believe we come THROUGH PERSONAL PAIN…I remember my own walk this year; where I was brought so low, to see God, and to depend on Him…

3. Our own spiritual state has an immediate effect on our communities

We must take stock of where we are, our reviving is not with the focus of just saving communities, but rather the agenda of God’s Kingdom. Where our interests are no longer important, we are consumed with a passion to pursue His Interests. The effect on nations is a CONSEQUENCE of the Church taking her rightful position in the affairs of men. It must not be the MOTIVATING FACTOR FOR OUR SEEKING. Yes, the world is in chaos, but WHAT BRINGS THE PEOPLE TO HIM, IS HIS LOVE MANIFEST IN HIS OWN PEOPLE.

Power is never manifest without the expression of love!

The day is urgent, there must be the UNION OF TWO DESIRES, TWO CLAMOURS, TWO CRIES:

The Spirit and the Bride say Come…”

When this happens Jesus will come to His Church.

See (Revelation 22) that the word is BRIDE…this is the ultimate level of intimacy…how much more when revival comes…it is Jesus coming to a ardent Church.

So revival is not just the need, it is the union afresh of Jesus’ Bride to Himself.

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