2nd Prophecy for Brazil

The other day when I published the message for Brazil the Lord had not given me the whole message because there is a new part for God to deal with the nation but the Church! Então caiu fogo do Senhor, e consumiu o holocausto, e a lenha, e as pedras, e o pó, e ainda... Continue Reading →

New Series !

We have all enjoyed sharing around the "Voice in the Wilderness " I knew that God was drawing me away from this theme. The Lord is bringing me to a new theme: The 3 manifestations of Elijah the Prophet The Lord has taken us to study at great depth John the Baptist but now we... Continue Reading →

Prophetic Word for Brazil

1 Reis 18:41-46 Então disse Elias a Acab: Sobe, come e bebe, porque ruído há de uma abundante chuva. E Acab subiu a comer e a beber; mas Elias subiu ao cume do Carmelo e se inclinou por terra, e meteu o seu rosto entre os seus joelhos. E disse ao seu moço: Sobe agora,... Continue Reading →

Invitation to Invite

We have several series here on this site. These include; Transfiguration Series Revival Series Isaiah 6 Series Voice in the Wilderness Series Harbinger of Change Series Many of these extend 4 or 5 messages all geared to bring a inspiring and deepening approach. These must bring us to prayer and practical steps. If you are... Continue Reading →

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