3 Manifestations of Elijah; he must come first to restore all things.

Mark 9 are the words of Jesus refer the manifestation of Elijah.

Jesus is emphatic in that Elijah must come first and we are told why!

The restoring is not for some things but for all things!

This will be the last message in this series because what is coming up is The Spirit and the Bride say Come! This will be the new series coming. Before we can embark on a new level of revelation we must first receive the restoring of God via the prophetic manifestation of Elijah.

There are two things the Holy Spirit is going to restore through this 3rd manifestation of Elijah is

1. Revelation of Jesus as the Bridegroom.

2. Revelation of the Church as the Bride.

This whole issue of the Church’s relationship with Jesus is God’s now plan. Mike Bickle in speaking to Lagoinha Church in Brazil touched in this extensively in his vision for revival for these end times.

Last February (2017) I published a message here concerning the eternal marriage touching on the glorious revealing of the Glorious Bride in Revelation 20 and I have over the last year been in deep meditation over this theme.

How does this tie in with Elijah? Elijah reveals God through his prayer by fire. God responds to Elijah by exposing the false Lord. Not all that say Lord Lord are submitted to the true Lord. The statement is not made by words but a demonstration of God’s power.

I believe that the 3rd Elijah is a generation of prophets who like John will go in the power and spirit of Elijah.

I saw a vision of prayer campaigns in many different denominations flow as spiritual streams which flowed more and more together as it became a river.

The aspect of prayer, prevailing prayer, is what will grow throughout the nations. I was listening to a message today and I saw all denominations flow in the streams of prayer. These streams joined closer together and became a river. This river is the same of Ezekiel 47 and Revelation 22. This river is the river of love which draws all to God healing the dead areas of the world.

I find it interesting that believers can grasp individual love and romance yet we have problems with corporate love and it’s divine expression.

The attack on the message of Archbishop Curry on his message of love by believers is an example that the imagery of Bride and Bridegroom is the epitomy of a love union.

It is this theme which Elijah comes to prepare the people of God for. Through the 1st Elijah we had a altar.

Through the second Elijah, John the Baptist, was a river where Jesus was revealed by the Voice of the Father, the descending Spirit in the form of a dove.

Through the 3rd Elijah the Spirit will be revealed as the Prepared of a Glorious Bride, a new revelation of Jesus as the Bridegroom.

This is how this series end ties in with our new series!

This is why Jesus said that Elijah must come first!

The manifestation of the 3rd Elijah must come before the Day of the Lord. It is synonymous of preparation and refining so that in His revealing His People are in the right place in all aspects.

Be waiting for our new series!


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