The Spirit and the Bride Say Come! Part 1: The Bridal mentality

Revelation 22 comes in glorious finality to one creation and the beginning of another. The new heaven and new earth being unveiled in celestial beauty and mystical poetry. The ending verses what is considered our Bible

The mood changes in the narrative to an invitation of the reader to not only imagine the ecstasy of that eternal moment but prepare for it.

This site has this affirmation in its address because I see that this embraces the whole panorama of God’s plan from eternity past to eternity future.

The reader is guided to the doorway where the whole route to the celestial city is laid out.

The Spirit and the Bride say Come!

We must examine that the Church is the Bride. The whole imagery is one of eternal union. The Bride denotes a lover. Christ is the Bridegroom. Therefore what we must deduce is the plan of the Father is to bring the “Church” into union with Himself via His Son. This is the Godhead at work.

If anything the central feature of God’s activity in our days resumes into the process of this union. The Celestial Wedding is planned. The Father knows the Day. Angelic hosts by the Spirit are working through nations and peoples to prophetically prepare for this day.

Our problem today is our love for the Lord is not perfected until we grasp the work of the Spirit to ignite in our hearts the identity of our collective being as the Bride.

We can be fascinated by gifts and ministries but the Spirit’s desire and work on us is to bring us into fascination with Christ. The Son.

Until we grasp this collective identity we will walk on the periphery of the Spirit’s activity. He desires more than inspire words is to inspire love!

This ardent heart in the Bride for her lover is the beautiful work of the Holy Spirit and more than ever we need to see that the unity Jesus desires for His Church is only to be achieved when we turn our attention from men, gifts and ministries. Our only attention and object of our love should be for the Bridegroom.

That is why the Spirit anoints worship and adoration because it is there our hearts are broken. Not just for our condition but because we are cold to love!

Why do you think the devil attacks the love connections of marriage, sonship and children’s connections with parents, dividing families. Is the structure of our families what the devil attacks? No. He wants to attack our attachments to love!

If we discredit the power of love we give the enemy victory in trying to prevent this end time work of the Spirit to prepare us for union with the Son.

Once division comes in, amongst families and the formation of denominations this work of taking on the Bride mentality means that this final union is a difficult road.

It will never be prevented.

The Holy Spirit is sent to us to prepare us for a collective and eternal union with Christ. And all our efforts and disciplines of prayer in this wise will be heavily anointed.

It is time to submit to the work of the Spirit and ask Him to ignite our hearts with love for the Son.

It is time to preach and intercede for the Bride Mentality to come on every congregation and denomination. Then the Spirit shall speak and call forth through us.

Our ministry is not a programme but preparation for the greatest love story that will last forever.


2 thoughts on “The Spirit and the Bride Say Come! Part 1: The Bridal mentality

  1. My dear brother, this is so near and dear to the heart of God. This, He has been speaking to me as well.. Thank you for your obedience.

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