3 Manifestations of Elijah; Part 2, And He shall turn the heart…

Malachi 4:6 And He shall turn the heart of the father’s to the children, the heart of the children to the father’s…

Elijah is important to us in any generation because he prepares the generations for the Lord, and for His Day.

Today we live in an age where generationally we are most divided and rebellious. I have seen it happen in any sphere in society. I see opinions and judgments form about people. These judgments become hatred and hatred becomes murder in its extremes.

We have “social media ” but we are increasingly becoming less social and our media is becoming dysfunctional.

In my own experience I have experienced divisions very close up. Breaking relationships and suspicion has caused me to have to walk away from some people.

The fact is only turning the heart is possible. How many families are destroyed by divorce? How many families divide over political or religious convictions?

What is the answer?

However Elijah manifests has to do with the manifestation of Fire that United and converted the nation back to God. When we lose the contact with the Holiness of God we find that division reigns in the community of faith.

How much more our cold hearts need a confrontation with Yahweh that turns us back to Him.

I was meditating this morning concerning why Elijah did not die and was bodily translated to heaven has to do with the eternal plan where God brings the manifestation of Elijah in any given generation.

I find that Elijah is a radical manifestation. Fire and rain were the result of prophetic preparation. When we consider that ravens fed him meat in a time of a wasting famine we are amazed at how God sustains Elijah.

Elijah is the embodiment of the statement Yahweh is God! And for reasons God knows and we surmise, it is important that in the saints there be a turning of heart toward unity and love.

When we consider that issues like homosexuality, gender issues, divorce, only the Love of God shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit will resolve these issues as God does. Even though we may say “God loves the sinner but hates the sin, ” we still do not allow ourselves to take on a new perspective that we do not marginalize and via a divine inclusion God may impact their hearts and do what He desires.

When we want people to give up their vices without embracing their virtue God embraces their virtue to rid them of their vices. The key is in the embrace.

Generally in “religious circles” we desire they leave what we see as being their vice and not embracing their virtue.

What is needed to change this fragmented a divided issue in the Church is a fire to fall at the Altar of Elijah so our hearts may turn!


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