3 Manifestations of Elijah: Part 3 The Revealing of the Godhead in each Elijah

“Behold I will send to you Elijah before the Day of the Lord” Malachi 4:5

A curious thing happened after publishing the last message. My impressions in prayer in meditating for this 3rd message was that God said for me to hold off and wait. And as we walk with God we must always obey. Obey because this site is not about me and my objectives but His.

The Bible makes no specific reference to the Trinity, what it speaks about is the Godhead which by definition goes far beyond what the traditional belief concerning the Trinity. It speaks of the unity and nature of the Person who is known as God. It speaks of the fluidity of their dealings with man and His revealing in the Three Persons who make up this Godhead.

Elijah and the spirit of Elijah come to reveal that Godhead in clear defined terms. Hence this message today.

God has send and will send Elijah on 3 separate occasions which makes us surmise the reason for the fact that God did not allow him to die but carried him to heaven in a chariot of Fire.

Elijah in every dimension and on every occasion he appears and will appear will always be associated with fire!

God took him to heaven not to experience death because that way he would revisit the earth another 2 times.

In Luke 1 we see Zacarias filled with the Holy Spirit as he prophesies that John the Baptist would go in the Spirit and power of Elijah.

There are specific manifestations of Elijah throughout the panorama of God’s plan. And these have tremendous significance. We have in a sense started to look at the issue and merely scratched the surface.

1st Elijah: 1 Kings 17-2Kings 2

This Elijah was raised up to turn Israel from a false Lord to the true Yahweh as He is revealed by fire. The prophets were confounded. And false religion shown for what it is.

He is caught back to heaven and his successor and two kings took the anointing to shape the immediate future of the nation.

Elijah appears to Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration. He speaks mysteries with the Messiah.

The sharing of mysteries was what Elijah along with Moses came to do. To fulfil the Law of Moses and to fulfil the Law of the Prophets via Elijah.

This apparition has extreme significance as the mysteries pertained to the life changing mission of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem.

The Prophet Elijah came to see revealed God the Father. Yahweh is God is the meaning of his name.

2nd Elijah: John the Baptist Matt 3, Mark 1, Luke 3, John 1

John the Baptist called in the desert to prepare the way for Jesus. All who accepted John’s message and baptism all received Christ. Even John bore witness of the Father affirming the Son. And the Spirit empowering the Son. He had this first given as a sign as he prepared in the Wilderness and saw it as a witness.

John the Baptist came to reveal The Son manifest on the earth to accomplish eternal ministry, eternal sacrifice, eternal salvation.

3rd Elijah; Malachi 4, 5

This third expression is very important for our time. It refers to Elijah coming before the Day of the Lord, which is Jesus coming back as Messiah for Israel and Head of the Church. The whole mode for this appearance, whether it be a person or a prophetic generation, is reconciliation between fatherhood and sonship, fathers of faith and sons in the faith. Also literal family healing.

We live today in a divided society which is divided politically and religiously, and also divided along the gender identity lines, sexuality, lifestyles. Where division can appear it will. The basic offence based entitlement sentiment in this generation is unparalleled.

The 3rd Elijah will oversee the revealing of the Holy Spirit and fire over the Church into the community and over the nations.

The ministry of reconciliation can only be done via the power of the Holy Spirit. The division between Church denominations has brought both error and wrong emphasis to Biblical teaching, wrong ecclesiastical structure which has suffocated the move of the Holy Spirit.

On the other end of the spectrum we see charismatic independent movements appeal more to superficial ambition and maximization of seeking out prosperity and comfort of life without the exercise of spiritual disciplines of personal Bible study and personal walk with God which takes time to cultivate.

This lack of power and wonders has opened the door for communities to be subject to the alternative lifestyles and nations taking political directions and decisions against the Word of God.

The Church needs to prepare for the new 3rd Elijah who will prepare the way for the Holy Spirit to be poured out in a way we have never seen.

How will this look?

It will certainly show up the religious and closed minded people.

The fact is once the Holy Spirit is prayed down in this end time revealing we will look upon people we have never considered to be brothers and sisters. The Spirit will testify of His Own.

We will cease from marginalizing people groups and embrace them saturated with the love of God shed abroad by the Holy Spirit.

This new revealing of the fullness of the Holy Spirit will reveal an aspect that the Church fails to live by. The concepts of holiness and integrity will return.

Indeed we are living in the time of the 3rd Elijah where the greatest revealing of the Holy Spirit will take place. Signs and wonders will abound and all will confess that Yahweh is God and Jesus is Lord!


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