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The frog that boils

The warnings all over social media are not to be ignored. The banner of a pandemic has been a trojan horse. This trojan horse has brought the armies against the Church and its Christ. In Canada the Grace Church has been the target of police and political activity to shut it down. The pastor was imprisoned upon the notion that he was contravening COVID regulations because ALL governments deem the Church as the worst propagator of the disease, which has yet to be proved. The next thing is that now barricades have gone up around the Church to stop it … Continue reading The frog that boils

The Ever Given: word for today

For several days the trading world has watched and waited whilst the Ever Given run by Evergreen was aground across the narrow Suez Canal. The Suez Canal a very narrow passageway eliminated a 2 week run around Africa to Europe and the rest of the West. Yet for the last few days has been grounded across the whole breadth of this narrow trading canal. They say it will take 5 years to recover from this event in terms of trade and the backlog of ships 🚢 in this time of waiting is to take some time to resume its natural … Continue reading The Ever Given: word for today