Intensive Care

A lot of expectations for 2020 meant that for at least 2 weeks I had been struggling with a virus. On the 2nd what started with what seemed to be a migraine headache escalated into kidney pain. By 11am I was blue in my skin, breathing shallow. My wife and daughter were decisive in getting... Continue Reading →

I saw Satan fall like lightning…

It is not usual for me to post two messages on one day, but the alert has come to my attention concerning what I made reference to in my last message, concerning what I am seeing for the next decade. I am seeing two rising forces within the Church, the truth and deception. 1 Timothy... Continue Reading →

Hidden Christmas; when doors are closed

The common narrative we remember is when Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem we see that there is no room in any inn for Mary to give birth. What we understand is that Jesus' birth was hidden, only those with divine invitation saw Him and recognised Him. Times have not changed. Doors continue to be... Continue Reading →

For which cause we faint not!

In my last post concerning Treasure in Earthen Vessels, we must continue as the Lord had highlighted to me the very important statements that start with "For" which denote purposes. More and more as we move into the next season we must see God underline His Word with Divine Purposes and Divine Motivations. In the... Continue Reading →

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