The Challenge of Asbury

The media frenzy in the Christian world concerning the Outpourings, is at fever pitch. Then there are commentaries, concerns, guidances. Then criticisms of those who have flown there, driven there. This post is a challenge.

Challenge to Pray and Watch

Let us challenge ourselves to close our mouth. In the Song of Hannah are the words; Talk no more so proudly, let not arrogance come forth from your mouth! Before that great move of God when she bore Samuel, from a sterile womb, so from the “sterile” Church has come forth a spring of Grace and Life, and yet we are feeding the media frenzy. Jesus exhorted His Disciples to Pray and Watch for hard times are at the door, and strength of will would be needed. What is needed is not proud criticism from those who criticise all and whatever Church, nor arrogance. This revival or awakening is a challenge to pray. Pray that God honours those who were there who paid the price for what is happening now. Many must have prayed there years since the 1970 awakening in the same place. “God revive your work” must all be our cry.

Challenge to Cry out!

If God is moving across the nations, surely He can come to you, to your locality, to your Church. It is a challenge for us to cry out also! It means we have come into a Corporate Kairos of His visitation. We hope we do not hear the tragic words of the Lord: “For you did not know the hour of your visitation!” Luke 19 records those tragic words. Whilst we are trying to put our Yardstick up to Asbury and other locations, we can miss in our not comprehending the work of God.

Challenge to embrace the untidy so long as the Holy Spirit is leading

The notable characteristic is there no planned programme, no famous preacher, no face to put to this move of God. So let us stop putting our standards, measuring plumblines to the work going on. The challenge now is to allow those affected to find expression in the local Churches, surely they must make room. This is a new time.

Challenge to say “Here I am, use me, send me”

God desires to include all in His new works. Let us make ourselves available, because He desires to bring a worldwide harvest. This will need worldwide believers to be hot in their love of God and spread that passion. If we follow these challenges we will see God move in our midst! “Lord revive your work”

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