Personal Note

Something I have received the last few years has been the teaching of the Word, and my passion has become to bring teaching that brings insight into the Word. The website you enjoy to take teaching from is a taster of what the Lord has promised to do in opening doors in the local Church, whatever denomination, whatever location.

More than ever, with the risk of nuclear war on the horizon, it is needed solid teaching and calling for an Outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our day to be able to see these wars stop in their tracks so that the harvest of souls may continue. For this aim I am making myself available for teaching in a itinerant ministry configuration. I am covered by Al Houghton of Word at Work Inc, of California USA. This means I am in a accountability structure which releases me to teach in whatever scenario necessary.

If you desire your Church to access the resources God has put in my reach write to me on and let us arrange a series of messages that will project us on a clear direction with a sound foundation.

Be blessed.

2 thoughts on “Personal Note

  1. A good outreach message for all Christians.
    Teaching combined with focused intercessory prayer can change world events as demonstrated during WWII in Great Britain. As a group of praying people met and listening the the Spirit for guidance prayed for specific military changes and protection, they saw the results in the war in the next few days. Divine Intervention manifested. In WWI, there are now books written of battlefield miracles of protection when soldiers asked for help from St. Thresse of Lieuseux.

    1. Sister, very precious feedback. Yes agreed on all points in your reading of UK history in the world wars. In World War 2 we saw also Rees Howells taking on the intercessors burden. Expand more on St. Therese de Lisieux

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