Asbury; spirit of Grace and Supplication

There have been many awakenings this last century. Asbury has seen 2 others and the current one is the third in 100 years. Surely God is honouring prayer offered in the times where revival is not a feature. Surely God has made covenant with that place.

It needs to be said that whilst this awakening is spreading there needs to be an embrace that God is visiting His People again! If this is so we do not need to go to Asbury to see God revive and refresh His people in the nations. We need to prevail with God in our own locality. If we are privileged to go then may we take the Spirit of Grace and Supplication with us.

I prayed with expectation today knowing we are nearing 7 days since this started. The Lord talked to me about what He is doing in Asbury and why it is spreading. He is pouring out a Spirit of Grace which favours all. No matter what denomination or theology. This is of God. Zechariah 12:10 and Zechariah 13:1 is what He is doing. He is preparing us to see the Wounded King. Also for Jews to see Suffering King too. It is about a new revelation of Jesus.

The challenge is to raise our expectations and for God to do it in our locality. That way a fountain shall open in the UK expelling the unclean familiar spirits and false prophets. Do it Lord it again in our locality and our nation!

Asbury revival in the Chapel

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