Walking with Paul 3; the Price for the Privilege

2 Corinthians 12 speaks of Paul’s Thorn. He knew two things concerning walking with God; when God gives you a walk of privilege you also see evidence of the price of the same.

The key is to see Privilege in terms of the impact it has on eternity

Every move of God in a person’s life has deep times of an unseen price, whether it be hours and years in prayer seeking out God and His Purpose for our generation. However our privilege in God are doorways of eternity.

Right now am stirred by reports from Asbury College in Wilmore in Kentucky, since last Wednesday has experienced a touch of continual prayer and the pouring out of healing and direction of many lives, what is more encouraging is that in other college campuses it is also being experienced too, an awakening to pray and supplication. Who knows the hours and hours of prayer that had preceded these expressions of God’s mercy and Grace? Who knows what impact this will have in a nation which spiritually become decadent. May God do this everywhere and call all to Himself.

There is a price for true signs and wonders, revelations that transform lives . The price paves the way for eternity to come into time.

Paul’s thorn was a demonic interference that came to push, buffet Paul out of the temptation of being conceited for the signs and revelation. In His dependence on God He knew that he needed to stay there .

We need to decide that our personal cost will bring corporate privilege

Whatever our pursuit of prayer will mean for the nations to beat their weapons into instruments of mercy it is worth paying the cost .

The Apostle Paul and his writings form the foundation for what we know as Church. The spiritual enriching that comes to us from them is such that we must recognise that the cost to him personally cost his very life. Our personal pursuit for God is sowing seeds into a corporate experience, whether it be in our local Church, school, colleges . This will break the power of humanism and materialism. It is not the first time Asbury has been the centre of God’s move and many times He has revisited that place. The meeting since last Wednesday has not finished until today (Sunday), and it is also springing up around the USA.

May we have a new awakening oh God!

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