Preparation for an Ultimate Advent 5: let the King of Glory come in.

Psalm 24 does not seem to be a Christmas message. It begins by citing the qualifications of him who would “ascend God’s Holy Hill”. Psalm 2 tells us that the Father has SET His King on His Holy Hill.

Colossians 3 talks about SETTING our minds on that which is above. Setting our minds on spiritual things that come from above.

Christmas is ABOUT SETTING a table for all to celebrate. God set His Son to be born in Bethlehem in a precise time in history. He set those invited to His place of birth.

We need to see that we are SET to welcome the King of Glory. Psalm 24 is all about welcoming Him and having a clear vision who is about to come. Even being a baby the Wise Men recognised Him as a King.

As we celebrate Christmas let us welcome prophetically the King. Let us with the Psalmist, David, who exhorts us to open the Everlasting Doors. These doors keep the King outside His Domain.

For us to pray “Your Kingdom Come” we need to welcome the King so that the Peace and Joy of the Kingdom can manifest.

“Let the King of Glory come in”

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