Preparation for an Ultimate Advent 4: when shepherd’s are invited but priests and Kings are not

Luke speaks to us concerning a heaven full of angels. They visit the shepherds to lead them to the place where the Great Shepherd was born.

Shepherds not priests or kings invited

The preparation of this eternal event, as John describes being “the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us ” is a fitting summary to the birth of Christ. Is it not just interesting the people invited, Simeon and Anna who sacrificed their lives in prayer, fasting, and worship. The shepherd’s, a type of David before he is anointed king. Wise men from the East.

Christmas is about inviting and giving

The Lord was about inviting and giving. All those invited were enlightened to who had been born. The Saviour.

There is something prophetic about Christmas in that whilst we remember the Coming of the Saviour, how about preparing for the Ultimate Advent, As we prepare for the Glorified King. Jesus Himself speaks of His own return! He speaks in two aspects.

1. Will He find faith?

I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?
Luke 18:8 KJV

Hebrews 11 defines faith for us. What faith is He looking for? Not the faith for one’s own needs but the faith to fulfil the Will of God. So much today is crazy, with so much accepted that is unacceptable to the Word. So much distorted that is clear in the Word. In my own journey this year God has shown me that which is traditional interpretation but lacking in Biblical context. Faith lives like the invisible is visible, and our hopes have been fulfilled. Our faith is not about receiving things from Him, rather it is about preparing to receive Him as King. The wise men did not just see a baby but a King. Christmas is about looking beyond the traditional story to see it as a present reality. He has come as Saviour but is coming as Lord and King. This sums up our faith.

2. Will He find us prepared?

5 wise and 5 foolish

Matthew 25 speaks to our preparation to receive not only King and Lord but our Bridegroom. The aspect of our intimacy and the need to wait for His Coming. It was to be done with oil: Holy Spirit, and light: the Word. All slumber for waiting but those who had the Holy Spirit and the Word went into the Eternal Union as those worthy to enter with Him, because they were prepared. Christmas 🎄 should remind us to awake out of our slumber to shine the Light of our preparation. We can be so taken up with the sparkling feasts and decorations but we also have “gnawing at our ankles” the invitation to prepare than to slumber in the lie that He will not return.


Christmas then must be the reminder that whilst we remember His Coming 2000 years ago we must see this feast as being a prophetic wake up call to prepare to welcome Him afresh. The King was not invited because he had murder in his heart. The priests were not involved because they were locked into a religious system that Jesus was about to fulfil and bring in a new law! Christmas is about prophetic preparation!

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