1. Purpose of God: Community

In starting this new series, I have to be honest, I struggled with the theme a little, as I needed the point to launch from. As it is habit for teachers of the Word there has to be a launching pad to launch from which embodies consistency and which embodies a potential to enlighten and inspire to love the Word more and more.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

In context of creation and of first man, the calling of Noah, the calling of Abraham, must be seen in one context, the desire of God, the plan and purpose of God to form community. Hebrews 11 opens a glimpse of what experience Abraham had in the journey from Haran to Canaan. The Lord called Abraham out from one community, to form some new community, which the spiritual characteristics of this community passes the patriarchs, prophets, kings and priests, and through Jesus to the Church, is now at least 4000 years in the making. The vision of Abraham is not just an earthly community but an earthly community which projects to eternity. This eternal community is built and deposited through living out this eternal community here in the world. I saw this concept when I was writing my book “12 Foundations of the Church” which took about 2 years to write, but the concepts there, however imperfectly expressed is part of this realisation. You can find the book on Kindle, or acquire on my STORE page. I did not mean to bring this in, but I am including it, in the process of writing this book some of what I write here is part of that process of realising that whilst the world has focussed on the individual rather than the collective. Yet the Word teaches us that God designed the collective, in which the individual finds his destiny and expression.

The world and the flesh and the devil are warring against this collective, deceiving people through examples where groups who aspired to live out this collective but became unbalanced and became controlling. Then there is the interpretation of Scripture, which there are divisions and deceptions, the enemy also can use this to divide this collective. This is the enemy programme, and knowing this we can be vigilant. And we can also flow in the programme of God also.

In Revelation 22 we see a polarisation where there are two distinct groups reflect the collective they are called to. And now we are seeing these two more and more visible and distinct.

Natural communities such as family, community, neighbourhood, Church, social club, are being undermined by a constant ideological culture war being what is termed as “woke” and what is common sense. The “woke” agenda seeks to cancel and extinguish true debate,disagreement transporting offence to be a cancelling arm of warfare against all that has been traditional values. Where “sin” has become a lifestyle defended by legislation is a trend which ultimately leads to persecution upon Bible believing people. In California there has been an effort to actually ban the Bible in key sectors. This woke and cultural Marxist agenda seeks to redefine traditional relationships in a way that now it is obvious that the state is suffering and social issues come to the fore. These social issues compounded by the pandemic and spiritual vacuum left by a Church that has become not a walk of life but an experience where God does everything instantaneously and no commitment is preached and no discipline is asked for.

The purpose of God and its fulness seen in all Scriptures that foretell the end times point to the building of, sanctification of, and perfecting of God’s community. That community can only happen with a people truly transformed by the Spirit and disciplined to know God for the long haul. Right now we must ask for a new Pentecost so that our shortcomings in relationships from us to God and to each other may encounter a true transformation and where we begin to experience the eternal parameters of what a community must look like.

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