Yet I have set my King on My Holy Hill…Psalm 2

If there were any Psalm that needed being prayed through it is this one. It is found in the prayer of the Early Church which brought a divine response. This divine response brought the Church in confrontation with the powers that be.

“I have set” is past tense

The Father has given us a clue about the reality, Jesus our King and Lord has already been set…has already been destined, and is increasingly showing the Kingly aspects of His Ministration with the Saints. We are not seeing a Jesus trying to conquer His Place, no He has already been set.

If the Father has set Jesus on His Holy Hill, the eternal Zion, the Bride, the Church then we are already coming from a position of Kratos, or Dominion. We may seem that we are passing through trials, we are passing through battles, but they at the outset a deception, they give us a sensation that Jesus has not come into His Kingdom, His Dominion. Daniel 7 shows us what happened when Jesus ascended, He was ushered before the Ancient of Days, and given a Kingdom…a Dominion, and power. This has already happened, so once we break that lie from the devil, we see our trial from an eternal scheme of things, it is to distract us from that Kingdom, Dominion and Power. Once we see our battle that it is an illegal attempt to doubt our position, our power and purpose. We enter the battle from a position of victory and dominion. We enter the battle with the Courage of Joshua, the Faith of Abraham. We enter to declare the Victory of Jesus.

Right now governments across the world are preparing right now another narrative that even though we are wearing masks, distancing, that a new wave of the virus is upon us, and the permanent state of crisis will be once again perpetuated. The agendas of a cashless society, a vaccine, tracking and trace, vigilance, and before long who knows if we will have to leave the house with full PPE. I am not being flippant, nor am I denying this reality, but how long will the Church first be captive to a establishing of fear? How long will the Church see that conquering the fear with signs and wonders will release nations from the grip of sickness and the agendas that are using this for its own ends.

He was given a Kingdom where rest, faith and different principles reign

The Kingdom is not like modern day nations. Jesus’ Kingdom has no limit of resources to sustain itself, is not speculated against in any stock market. It is not successfully undermined politically. It does not suffer loss nor lack. The Kingdom is the domain of the King who rules over it.

Jesus taught us to pray “Your Kingdom Come!” This prayer albeit prophetic does not stay there, the prophetic sense is that the fulness of the Kingdom will come one day. However the Kingdom has already come in our hearts, by the Holy Spirit. Paul quantifies this by saying that the Kingdom is joy and peace in the Holy Spirit. This means that for accessing that joy and peace, fruit of the Spirit, we need to be in that sphere of the Spirit. It also gives us an indication that the first sign of the Kingdom in prayer, in decisions, in our homes, our travel comes with a manifestation of peace. Peace makes space for joy.

The Kingdom comes also with vision, a vision of our abode, where we can enter eternal rest, and that rest comes to us in the measure we exercise our faith. Hebrews 3 and 4 tells us that the first thing that happens to bring us into our rest is the Voice of the Spirit. The writer strongly admonishes us not to harden our hearts! This is because the Spirit will come to speak outside of our thinking, our expectation. For us to enter into the great things God has prepared, we must embrace the Voice and its exhortation. 1 Corinthians says no eye has seen, no ear has heard what God has prepared for those who love Him. This will be beyond what we have ever experienced in this life. We will come into degrees of rest inasmuch as we exercise our faith. The fact is we can sometimes run after peace and relief without first exercising our faith in acting on that Voice that exhorts us.

Dominion is absolute, no pacts and no treaties

The men of Gibeon were crafty and caught Joshua unawares. They feigned a great journey to make a covenant with Joshua. They showed physical evidences of their journey, but Joshua did not test their words in prayer, he extended a careless covenant. You can read the story in Joshua 9. The lack of searching God would prove costly and would promote a earthly covenant which made it impossible to conquer them. When the Dominion of Jesus’ Kingdom is understood there can be no pacts made with the devil, the world or the flesh. These will all bind, and eventually lead many to hell.

The final battle will be uncompromising, there will be no pacts or treaty with the evil one, nor those deceived by Him. And Philippians 2 shows us that all knees shall bow, all tongues will confess. This is in the final day, and this bowing and confession will not bring salvation, no it shall be a acknowledgment that recognises Jesus as King but did not live for Him, nor live in Him. Some of our battles are not just to win, but they are to declare dominion yet again. I am sure they are permitted so that God can glorify the Son!

He has been given power to demonstrate that He is God and that His power cannot be resisted

The Will of God for the Church is to pour out power to demonstrate who Jesus is of a truth. Every miracle, every breakthrough is for demonstrating this. Our heart sometimes is so distracted, that we fail to understand that our trials, our battles must make a demand for His Power to manifest!

When I consider the greatest miracle in my view. The woman with the hemorrhage, 12 years like this, determined to touch Jesus. There was a multitude around Jesus pressing and touching, but her touch drew virtue, drew healing. Her touch made a demand through faith. The Church does not make enough demand on Jesus’ power because it is still to be convinced of His whole victory and dominion.

Elijah’s prayer made a demand on God, the covenant. We need to make a demand. Our faith makes it.

In 1948 in a barn in Barvas in the Hebrides, 5 men prayed making a demand on 2 Chronicles 7:14, knowing God keeps His covenant, so God showed up 5 months later to attest to His Word. He impacted the whole island with His Glory, and no-one could escape His Holiness.

To make that demand, we need to believe, second, we need to live like it, and third confront every battle with this conviction.

God the Father has already set His King!

The King is set on God’s own Holy Hill, the hearts of His People!

The first place of His Holy Hill starts in the Human Heart, goes to transition then to Jerusalem, then the New Jerusalem! The Human Heart in the saints of the Church , Jerusalem where He will be revealed, Zechariah 12.10, Revelation 1.7, and the New Jerusalem, 12 Foundations and 12 Gates. God’s own Holy Hill starts in His people…so He set His King within us! The King who sits in Power and Dominion longs to move to demonstrate it from within to without! How glorious!!!

One His People grasp this, live this out, so all the the world shall see that indeed the Father set His King within His People!


Russell A Durose


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