Prophetic Insight for the USA

I am not going to be too bold to say this is a prophetic word for the USA. It is a result of musings and meditations of my own.

Every day I can see the stats of this site, my main readership comes from the USA. I really appreciate the USA and those who I met there last September, and including all the people I encountered there in Colorado Springs.

So I present this message as musings before the Lord. I have been disturbed what I hear coming out of the USA in the middle of the so called Pandemic.

The Lord seemed to say to me that the freedom that the USA enjoys will become a snare and will become a bondage. The Lord says that all that which is taken for granted shall be taken away. The freedom the USA has conquered at various times, revivals and awakenings, great pioneers of faith , today there is a laziness in ZION. The Lord speaks about this laziness which formed the foundation of all the iniquity in Sodom, in Ezekiel 16. The laziness comes from pride.

The Lord has said to me that all those who sit in their castles, houses, whatever dwelling thinking that their freedom is guaranteed, God will allow to be taken away, for the simple fact that freedom comes by promoting and fighting for righteousness. The Lord sees that different agendas are being fulfilled because the main agenda is not. There is a vacuum, and where there is a vacuum so there is an enemy trying to fill the gap left.

There is an idea of freedom which is being promoted which is a bondage for the Church. Unless the Church begins to fight, do its business first in intercession so the buildings shall be seized for compulsory purchase orders. The governments across many states will monitor what is preached in the pulpit, many shall go to prison for preaching “hate speech”. Believe me the ground has slowly been prepared. The armies of the USA are those easily offended, and easily provoked. Already house meetings are becoming illegal, the pandemic being a Trojan horse by which anti Christian orders will be signed out.

None of this needs to happen, because in 2 Chronicles 7:13 tells us the scenario by which are indicators that will indicate judgment on the land. Even a few days ago RT Kendall issued a rebuke for the prophets that reside in the land, issuing their messages, but all of them profiting from their own words. When hunger, when plagues, when locusts come on the land, when storms and disasters come, they are indicators. They are cries from heaven saying Church get into prayer, and get into repentance.

God spoke to the Ephesian Church, in Revelation 2. The American Church was like Ephesus, burning hot for His Word, and sending to many poor nations their missionaries, winning millions to the Lord. Now she sends her heresies abroad. How far have the Church fallen! God will remove the Lampstand from her midst, all because Her love for Jesus waxed cold.

I believe that there is a remnant who will hear. There always is.

There are always those who will intercede like Abraham, in Genesis 18, who will ask the Lord to regard the remnant who reside in her midst. Surely God will not destroy, or give the USA up for judgment by fire. A fire that will run through Wall Street, bringing financial disaster. A fire that will run through DC bringing political anarchy. Surely God will regard His remnant who pray night and day.

The Lord gives the USA a choice, His remnant does He speak, that you can believe the narrative of the media, or you can declare Joel 2. That repentance must be brought to the “Temple” so that God may rebuke the plague, the locust, the poverty, and bring the new wine of joy, and the oil of His anointing to His people. Establishing a covenantal economy.

Hosea says break up the fallow ground, Jeremiah says ask for the ancient paths! Joel says weep between the Temple Porch and the Altar. Isaiah says “they will rebuild the ancient ruins.” Ezra says that God stirred the heart of her rulers.

The American dream has become a nightmare for the “I will” statements it utters, believing that all is possible without covenant with God. Desolation will come until His remnant hear His Word.

Believe me these words have been in my spirit the last few days….the days are short for the remnant of the USA to hear and heed. It is time for radical times and radical initiatives. Hear the Spirit who has ears!


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