When God laughs from heaven and has them in derision: Psalm 2:4

The image of God laughing from heaven is quite striking. It is a prelude to being totally confounded. And confounding is what governments and rulers need when they command the Church to bow to legislation above the Word of God.

When earthly rulers try to get the Church to bow to a lower authority God answers by fire

In 2 Kings 1 we see the ruler of Israel command the prophet to bow. The prophet Elijah shows two captains and their 50 a higher authority who when He shows His ultimate authority no-one can resist. We have come to such a time now. When articles and scientists say that going to Walmart is safer than going to Church there is a need for the Church to seek for the God who answers by 🔥 Fire!

John McArthur’s Church in California is defying such government order when it contravenes such Biblical mandate. He has been threatened with prison. Surely in a situation like that there is a demand placed on God for His Response!

It never ends well for any state or Kingdom to defy God. And when God’s people stand you can bet that God shows up.

Another example very much quoted by me is the Double Outpouring of Acts 4. The disciples are given an order not to preach Jesus. They decided to pray this Psalm , Psalms 2, to which God shook the place, filled them all with the Holy Spirit and poured out signs and wonders. These are 3 manifestations we need today.


Life has merrily gone on without much event till this year when the pandemic has brought and over reach of draconian and unbiblical measures. When the Church gets a vision of what the Father has set up in Jesus, the Church commission, the Church anointing you can bet a shaking is coming. This shaking is the onset of a God normal. May God shake to the foundations the nations.


What God filled again the Church the Holy Spirit brought a greater authority. If you observe the persecuted Church you will see a greater commitment to prayer, a greater commitment to the Word. What God brought to them was a judicial authority to overcome political and religious authority. There may be in some places where the so called Church will practice appeasement to survive, in that process become enemies of the cross! This filling was so powerful that a healthy fear came on the city, Peter’s shadow healed the sick. The Church today needs to cry out for a greater authority to combat the anti God government.


Signs and wonders started from this outpouring. We equate them with healings. I do not think so. I believe that in the Word we see a demonstration of the Kingly Christ. Study signs and wonders and they are presented in the context of redemptive justice. These prove the authority of Jesus, and the power He has invested in His Church. Many times missionaries tell of these signs where angels have appeared to protect the Church. When you need the power your persecution makes the demand!

I believe we are at a dangerous point in history! I believe the survival of the Church depends upon its stand upon the Word. There is no negotiation, there is no compromise. Once you let these in your are a cúmplice to the world and its programme. Did you think respectability would last? Did you not know the world was moving toward this point of confrontation? What will you do?

When they are burning Bibles you know they have chosen to attack God and His Church? The war cry from the enemy has started! What will you do?

It is time to ask for a demonstration of Psalms 2. It is time to stop believing and depending on earthly structures to defend you. In the hour of calamity where will they be? In a bunker somewhere! We will be alone fighting the war. Many will say we are conspiracy theorists until its too late.

Right now we are being fed the narrative of a 2nd wave of COVID19 but the fact is the first wave never finished. More crisis on every level. In an atmosphere of crisis is the ideal time to rob rights and privileges. The foundation stones are being set for a one world government. Rome tried to be and it crumbled. Maybe this attempt may fail. Or the antichrist be revealed. No good depending on the Internet or Zoom for Biblical obedience, the war on the Church has already begun. What will you do???


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