“And as we worship build your Throne”

It would be 1986 when God visitted me in a powerful way and I made my lifelong commitment to God. One of the songs that we used to sing was “Enthroned” “we enthrone you”. Never forget the interaction with the Lord as a new believer.

In this year of great change and great blatant spiritual realities that have been before the Church, great limitations, great fear, great guidelines, and impending economic disaster that is coming, unless the Church takes her position in God.

It is not about going back to do what we did before the lockdown

Some of the major considerations today is how we space the chairs, the pulpit, how we sanitise, how we distance. The reality has changed. Its not about GOING BACK BUT GOING FORWARD. Its about having a strategy that our fellowship must be about preparing the saints for their end time mission. The Church either advances with this mission or she will be swallowed up in increasing government guidelines. The fact is governments have come against worship…a essential part of our faith. What will it be next? Will it be preaching, because of the particles we will spread in our bold proclamations? I have a clear position I am prudent and as much as I can I obey the guidelines but I do not fear COVID19. I also see precedents being broken by encroaching on our expressions of faith. I see there is a urgency in the heavens, and a clear season of harvest God is about to give us.

Psalm 110 says ‘The Lord said unto my Lord, sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool’, the Right Hand is transitionary

We somehow have lost in the myriad of our traditions the reality of where Jesus is now. I was meditating this week, and what came to me was this fact and it bears out in Scripture: Jesus sits on the Father’s Throne to the right…and He will be given a Throne of His Own…it is a transitionary position.

Is it not the Word which says “Your Throne, O God, is forevermore:”Psalms 45:6, this is the Father speaking, even Hebrews 1:8 reiterates this Scripture. The Throne of Jesus, The King, is transitionary, and will be full at the end. Right now the Throne of Jesus is being formed in the hearts of His Church, and as the Church fulfils its mission, and unifies with the Son, so Jesus’ Throne will become manifest.

Acts 3:19-21 says that Jesus is at the Right Hand until the Restitution of all things. When we see anything about Kingdom we must assume logically that a Kingdom signifies a Throne of Authority. The Kingdom of God is transitionary in every generation in that there will come a day when the “Restitution of all things” has come to fruition. In Psalm 110 the prophet David hears a divine conversation where the Father is speaking to the Son. In this the Father places Jesus at His Right Hand to exercise Mercy and Grace. The Mercy that brings us into the Household of God and cuts off our enemies, and Grace to become Sons and Heirs.

If the Throne of Christ is transitionary in Manifestation then the Church is a vehicle for its manifestation

“All authority (exousia) is given to me under heaven”, says Jesus as He commissions the Disciples, and in Acts 2 Peter spells out the meaning of the Outpouring of the Spirit in this MANIFESTING THRONE OF JESUS. Exousia is a level of power and authority according to Strongs, which means conferred authority. Jesus’ authority is conferred by the Father. Our Authority is conferred by Jesus, the Head of the Church. The Church therefore, through its 5 Ascension Ministries, Spiritual Gifts and Governments manifests the spiritual throne of Jesus, in the measure of its “exousia” spiritual authority being conferred on us. This means our authority base in Christ is not just priestly but also Kingly. In 2Kings 1 we see the king send armies to Elijah to get him to bow to earthly authority. That is why God confirmed Elijah’s non compliance with fire. Is it not the case when we study end times, we see a tendency that earthly government tries to make the Church bow down. Acts 4 is a case in question that the government ordered the apostles not to preach when the order of the Lord was embodied in the Great Commission, preaching and making disciples of all nations. The divine response to their prayer, which was Psalm 2, the Lord putting His King on His Holy Hill, confirmed this with a greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Right now believers are in slumber because they are bowing down to the government and science, idols, because they are making us bow, due to fear, and negotiate our right to worship. Our worship binds Kings and thrones, Psalm 149, so once we have relinquished this corporate expression we are enabling earthly potentates. The Holy Spirit won’t be poured out on a Church which does not fight back, trusting first in the Holy Spirit to protect from infection and produce His revival for our generation to wipe away the wicked and all disease.

So what does that look like? Do I commit illegalities? No, I am saying we evaluate what encroaches on our calling, our normal ministry and church function, and if the Government or science tries to curtail our God given right and calling we cannot obey. In that confrontation the Holy Spirit will be poured out so the Throne of Jesus can fully be in our midst.

Can you see the “conferring” in the image above: from Father THROUGH THE SPIRIT TO THE SON. This is also extended in the Church, from Jesus THROUGH THE SPIRIT to us. The Spirit weaves in us the Fear of the Lord, Humility, Trust, so that the Throne of Jesus be manifested in our midst. This was symbolized in Revelation 2 as the Lampstand.

Revelation 2, the Church of Ephesus, only reflects the reality of Zechariah 4, where the lampstand is giving light from the covenant (olive trees), where Jesus says that for lacking their love for Him would forfeit the presence of that Lampstand. The Lampstand is a representation of the Government of Christ and His Throne.

It is time we let go of some traditions and see the advances of the antichrist against the Church has already begun! We must adopt the same posture as the apostles of the Early Church, that the Holy Spirit confirm the Throne and Power of Jesus in our midst. If we allow fear in our borders we shall become powerless, loveless, and cold. We shall forfeit what we have already.

The enemies of the Cross are even within the Church, because they slumber they believe common narratives and rebuke prophets and their warnings. The hour is late, and when the Son comes, shall He find faith in us?

It is time to ask for the Throne of Jesus to be built by the worship of our obedience and our notion of the times and seasons.

His Throne shall finally manifest when He rules the heavens and the new earth, in the people who He redeemed. Let us be the people who build His Throne and submit to His Kingship. That way Kingdom is manifest in the earth.


See http://www.wordatwork.org for more teachings also.

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