Let the King of Glory come in…

Lift up ye heads, oh ye Gates, be lifted up you everlasting doors…and let the King of Glory enter in…Psalm 24

Psalm 24 is a clear glorious psalm of David. When he is meditating on the entry of the King of Glory, he was also reflecting on his own entry to Jerusalem, after being anointed in Hebron by the leading elders of the land. He was however taken up into a higher and more prophetic realm where one day the King of Glory would come.

When I was studying this psalm yesterday I began to investigate what this lifting is. To do this you must go to the original text. I may have published a message on this in the lockdown, however God adds to what was already ascertained.

The “lifting” is a shaking…is a advance, an arising. Remember Isaiah 54, God through the prophet commands Jerusalem to arise, and in Isaiah 60:1 “Arise Shine…for your light has come.”

What will it take for the King of Glory to ENTER IN?

The King of Glory can only enter in when the way is prepared

This is no ordinary King…this King comes from Glory. What preparation do I refer to? The preparation is in our vision of Jesus, as we have majored on Him being a Saviour far too long. The Disciples were confused by His Mission because they waited for a King and got a Saviour! We are waiting for the appearance of the Saviour but we will get a King. Malachi 4 speaks of a day of terrible manifestation that hearts will fail. The Day of the Lord and King will not be a day of comfort for any…for judgment will come from His Throne. The Book of Revelation speaks of a white Throne. Remember my message 2 days ago? Did I not say that the Throne of Jesus would finally manifest? Here it is manifest.

The Throne, the Kingship of Jesus when He fully comes in comes with judgment and a revelation of Righteousness. For the Coming Entry of the Lord Jesus, we must prepare…the type of Church that Jesus will come for will be that will reflect the same royalty that Jesus possesses.

For the royalty of the Church to manifest the Church must grasp the Royalty of Jesus

As the Church has focussed on Saviour the Church has not taught contextually the mission of King Jesus, nor understood the Plan of the Father.

It brings me to a vision I had in 1990 in the Church here in Brixham, Devon, where I was a member. The Lord showed me heaven as crystal, and I heard the worship of heaven. I saw a Crystalline Jesus going up the road and entered the Celestial city, and I heard silence, then an uproar of Praise and Glory. Even then God revealed to me His Royalty, unfortunately with all our lives, our travels, teachings, God has to bring us back to the preparation truths which will prepare us to receive Him in the given season. The season now as governments, kings are coming against the Church so the Church must call upon the Royalty of Jesus to manifest in the midst of the Church.

Look at the image above, the Church is called as a Crown of Jesus’ Kingship. This is the part that we play, and must flow in in these times. The world wants to reduce the Church to a shadow of what Jesus called her to be. Once the Church grasps the ROYALTY OF JESUS SHE WILL COME INTO HER OWN ROYAL STATUS!

I believe for that there is a process to undergo. There is a progression to walk through, as our minds are renewed. Much tradition obscures marvellous truths from God’s word.

In Acts 4 as the Church is ordered not to preach Jesus, they united around Psalm 2 calling for the Kingship of Jesus to be manifest. What happens? The Holy Spirit first shakes the place. Then they are filled with a new dimension of the Holy Spirit. The same shaking we see with the Gates and Doors occurs here in Acts 4. Look at the picture above, the pierced hands release the Holy Spirit to the Church to manifest not only His Priesthood but His Kingship in the earth. If we desire revival in this time, we must see these keys. The Gates and Doors that are closed now, must be shaken so that they do not prevent the entry of the King of Glory.

When we say He will enter as King of Glory, what does He enter to do? He comes in 2 verses of Psalm 24, commanding the armies of God, mighty in battle.

The Church needs to royally welcome Jesus, King of Glory so that the armies of God and He who is mighty in battle clear the enemy from the earth and our generation.

There is a battle raging upon the saints right now. The Church is limited by laws, not even some passages of the Bible cannot be preached without legal action, and singing has been prohibited , masks and alcohol, and when will it end? I am not saying we need to be imprudent, I am saying there is an agenda behind all these norms. It is urgent that once the Church grasps her royal position, she can readily shake the gates and doors and the King of Glory can enter. He comes to wage war, He comes to strike with a rod of iron. Psalm 2. Kiss the Son is the command. The King has been set in His Holy Hill, and that is the Church. This is the Season when God will reveal King Jesus to the Church so He can SET HIM IN THE MIDST OF HER ON THE THRONE GOD SET IN THE CHURCH, FOR THE CHURCH FOR GOD.

What war does He need to wage ? He needs to wage war against false teachers and prophets, the liberal people who deny the Word. He will bring the Fear of the Lord back to the world, which has been lost, because His Church has not lit that fire in the Lampstand.

When Solomon dedicated the Temple, covenanting, God rained fire upon the sacrifice, and then His Glory filled the House. It is time the Glory filled the Church, but for that to happen, the fire needs to fall first. 2 Chronicles 7:1.

No minister could stand, no voice could be heard before that Glory. So God will silence the noise of humanity in the Church so that His Divinity comes to fill and sanctify!

For the King of Glory to enter in, there must be a shaking of our false tradition, our misinterpretation of the times, and seasons, our acceptance of the common narrative published abroad.

For the King to come, the Church must prepare Royal robes for herself…for He will come for His Bride…in any generation. A Bride filled with Passion for Him. Any Church with any other passion is not the Church, we must know that the Holy Spirit comes to promote Jesus’ Kingship.

Let us join together in that preparation!


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