The Appointed Time Part 2

There was a major warfare 2 nights ago that caused me to press in to find out from the Lord what was going on. He gave me Daniel 10, and then Revelation 1, to clarify that the situation was a shift, which God brings about changes and enlightens us what is before us.

When I had finished my intercessions it was 3am, and was absolutely tired but enthused.

The Lord began to speak to me that there were 3 examples, not 2 as I had initially received. The Lord brought me to Ezekiel 1. Here the priest and the prophet was before the River Chebar. Here the heavens open and he came face to face with the Celestial Christ. This book was to open up to him the reason for the Captivity, the duration, God’s purpose for a new Temple, the return of the Glory, the new priesthood. Also in chapter 47 we see the effects of this restoration on the Dead Sea and the surrounding marshes.

As Ezekiel we need to know we are inserted with the “Captives” of our generation to get God’s Word

Ezekiel was WITH THEM at the River where they were displaced. The Church is at the moment subject to a project of fear and guidelines and somewhat restricted, it is a far from normal scenario. It is imperative that God’s prophetic people see heaven open, and get a overview of what we are living from God’s perspective. Looking at it from heaven we can see things which to our natural senses are not detectable. The role of the prophetic is to reveal so that we may fall into alignment with God. The prophetic at this moment is as restricted as the rest. I have done hardly any travelling for the last 4 months. I have been waiting on the Lord to lift all restrictions so that we may execute His programme for the next few seasons. Yet our presence together in this restriction has strengthened us.

Ezekiel’s priesthood was suspended so he flowed in his prophetic ministry

This pandemic has brought a welcome adjustment to ministry. The ministry for Ezekiel must take an adjustment as the Temple had been demolished, so his priesthood has in a sense been suspended. Now he finds a new flow in his calling. It is prophetic. The prophetic brings us face to face with a different dimension to what we are accustomed. Now in a sense we have a similar situation, churches are not quite ready, or able to fully occupy and function in the buildings, their “temples”. Now with the church “socially distant” a new type of pastoring must take place. The Lord will guide us how. We must gear our people to know that a restoration is about to take place. They must be prepared that what is ahead will demand a greater distinction as believers as society increasingly flows toward a globalist antichrist system. For the Captives, the preparation would extend over 2 generations. The generation who went into captivity would not be the generation who would come out.

Two Visions: new life, new river

Ezekiel had 2 visions which are significant in our day…one being the dry bones of Ezekiel 37, and the River of God of Ezekiel 47. These speak to their day of new hope, new life. However for these to come to pass there needs to be displacement, replacement and restoration. Their homes were taken away, their work, their nation. In that situation where there is no hope, hope must be instilled, through spiritual vision. At times we paint a picture of the end times focussing on the wrath and pouring out of judgment, but what we must focus on is the Jesus coming to His Throne of Kingdom, the Bride unifying with Christ, and the eternal abode of God’s saints. Very often we can focus on the Mark of the Beast, the false prophet and the Antichrist to the detriment of the marvellous things that are birthed. However for this to happen we see in Revelation 8 that the saints cry out beneath the Throne that God vengeance on their Blood for martrydom, and it is this shed blood for the cause of Jesus, will bring forth judgment. Jesus’ Blood calls for redemption, the blood of the saints calls for judgment. However for us our focus must not be on the judgments ONLY but Jesus on His Eternal Throne. This is the hope that brings together the bones of Ezekiel 37 and makes the impossible grow to possibility. It is the River that flows from the “altar” of martyrdom of Ezekiel 47, beneath the Temple, making all creation spring to life in new fruitful and new hopeful celestial life.

In chapter 37 the army rises up, in Ezekiel 47 the river flows bringing fruit every month. In Revelation 22 we see the same imagery. We must endure some pain to have some eternal gain!

The visions of Ezekiel come from a encounter from the Heavenly Christ

Chapter 1 speaks of Ezekiel meeting the Lord, in His pre-Earthly mission state. However this brings Ezekiel into a place of flowing into his ministry. Revelation 19:10 says ” The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy“. This testimony comes out of a face to face encounter with Jesus. This is not a testimony we give for Him, but one He gives to us. This is the deposit which Hebrews 11:1 speaks to, which will sustain all in a crisis. I therefore pray that we seek this face to face encounter, for the Church worldwide. It is the very deposit that causes signs and wonders to come forth. It is where miracles become common place.

So in the Appointed Time the example of Ezekiel prepares the people for the coming of their Messiah, Daniel prepares the people for Kingdom, and John prepares them for the Eternal Church. Our own part in this puzzle is prepare the world for the Coming King. This coming King will not just come physically but He will come spiritually through His Church.

May we see heavens open, so that we may encounter the Glorified Lord!


Russell Durose 19.7.20

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