I have set my Holy King on my Holy Hill even Zion

Psalm 2 is pivotal in the manifestation of the Father. I have said in another publication that the Father acts on behalf of the Son. This is that season. I believe that we, like the early Church in Acts 4, need to invoke Psalm 2 for there be an almighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit, we need to ask the Father for the nations, for they are the inheritance of His Son!

Yet have I set my king

Upon my holy hill of Zion.

I will declare the decree:

The Lord hath said unto me, Thou art my Son;

This day have I begotten thee.

Ask of me,

And I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance,

And the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.

Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron;

Thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel. Psalm 2:6-9


Jesus is at the Right Hand to call for the restitution of all things.

The context of the prayer of Acts 4, is persecution and confrontation against the Church. The apostles are forbidden to speak the Name of Jesus, even though at the Name of Jesus all knees shall bow, all tongues shall confess Him. They unanimously lifted up their voice in Psalm 2, because it invokes the manifestation of the Kingdom, and its King, Jesus…we need that today.

Right now with the contradiction of nations closing down economies, prohibiting meetings, church doors closed, families obligated to stay in their homes, the Great Commission of Matthew 28 must be fulfilled, but for that God must break the fear that is used to lock down the nations.

This is not just a rational political base, nor does this mean that a virus is not out there as a deadly pathogen, but there is a movement in the heavenly realm. There are Princes in the heavenly realms moving and manipulating the world landscape. Daniel saw it. He saw the entities moving in the spiritual realm, which prevented the answer coming from Daniel’s prayer for understanding. His humility moved God to send His angel to bring him the answer but for 20 days the Prince of Persia had prevented the understanding reaching Daniel.

When you consider the time Daniel was living, he had already seen a mighty power like Babylon fall to Persia, now God was making him understand that Persia was to fall to Greece. It was a crossroads in the affairs of the nations.

So we read this history, the fact is we are now 2500 years on. We have seen nations come and go, and what we perceive that the nations are represented by spiritual entities that resist the Will of God. We get this example first in Genesis 11. They resisted what was God’s purpose which was to be scattered.

This is the season for the manifestation of God the Father setting His King, His Son on His Holy Hill, His Church.

This means that the Church is the “Holy Hill” of Zion, for which the Kingly manifestation must come. How will it be seen? The Kratos authority, which is the highest level, of dominion must come through the Church, which will take the destiny of the world out of the princes in the spiritual realm, to the dominion of Jesus, King, and Prince of peace.

The Father has already set His King, but it is now time to make it manifest, that is in our hands!

Jesus has already been exalted, but for that Kingship to manifest God has chosen His Church, its confession, to manifest that Kingly authority through its life. It means there is a process for this to take place. We must evaluate what we are seeing today, we are seeing:

  • Banks closed
  • Churches closed
  • Shops closed
  • Restaurants closed
  • Schools and Universities closed
  • Hospitals closed to non COVID19 cases
  • Businesses closed.

This is the worldwide extension of the problem .What is gained? Whilst fear and leverage is used, there are movements and legal precedents broken, for which I spoke before all this began. If the problem is worldwide, and from a network set up to accelerate the appearence of the Beast, false prophet and Antichrist, then Jesus must determine the timetable not the devil.

This means in a nutshell that our intercession must change gear, as there was a focus of repentance, which was right, however there is a preparation that Jesus must have His Throne constructed in people’s lives. From this Throne, the agenda established from heaven must take precedence. It is not yet the hour for the end time events, as there is a new economy, a world wide awakening and harvest to be brought in. Joel 2.

For a problem the size of the world needs a solution bigger than the world.

The solution is for the Church to get a revelation of Jesus, the Ascended Lord. Revelation 1 tells that John was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day. This is the Lord’s Day, for when the Lord’s Day comes, it means the Lord Jesus is about to be revealed. The Ascended Lord can only manifest through a Church so enlightened in who Jesus is.

It is no good preaching just the Suffering Servant, when that manifestation of Jesus is for salvation, but when we are defending the world harvest we need Him who is sat on the White Horse, whose name is the Word of God.

When the stock markets fall sharply, there comes what you call a correction. There are mechanisms that prevent a wholesale collapse. How much more in the spiritual!

So God the Father has set His King.,..on His Holy Hill…He desires to rule…and for Him to rule He needs a subject people. The measure of authority we subject to correlates to the authority that is manifest through us.

So our intercession must change gear, we must proclaim as they did in Acts 4, that God comes to pour out the same what He has poured out, appointed to Jesus on His Throne…that same authority get poured out on His Church so that the politics and manoeuvring stops and that Jesus gets the last say.

God is wanting to complete His King’s Throne in our midst!


One thought on “I have set my Holy King on my Holy Hill even Zion

  1. Thanks for this excellent prophetic rendering of the times we are in . . . i was blessed to read this 🕊

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